7 Best Ethical Clothing Brands
In Melbourne, Australia

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This one's for the Melbournians who love their city just as much as they love their ethical clothing.

Based off your feedback, we've created a top seven list of ethical clothing brands in Melbourne.

We cherish every ethical Australian label, but this is a special shoutout to the Melbourne based brands.

Support your local Melbourne designers today!

A Bit About Stride

We are Australia's go-to ethical fashion retailer with over 75 Australian brands and 3,00+ products.

One of the main things our customers love is that we offer free shipping & returns on ALL orders, meaning that we make shopping ethical fashion super easy for every Australian!

With sustainable clothing categories for women, men and non-binary folk, thousands of Aussies have made Stride their go-to destination to support ethical fashion in Australia.

Our Top 7 Ethical Clothing Brands in Melbourne

It was so hard to shorten our list, but here are the top 6:
1. Tasi Travels
2. Ettitude
3. Team Timbuktu
4. Eubi
5. Oneiric
6. Treball Active
7. Wilga Clothing

Be sure to continue reading to find out what makes each brand so special!

1. Tasi Travels

Perfect for Melbournians who like their ethical clothing:
• Australian made
• Using organic materials (Tencel)
• Stylish

With options for men and women, it's no surprise that Tasi Travels is a crowd favourite!

Fun fact: Tencel is made from the wood pulp of trees!

Tasi Travels | Stride | Ethical clothing Melbourne

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2. Ettitude

Ettitude’s range of sustainable sleepwear has quickly become a crowd favourite at Stride since joining in early 2020.

All their products are made in WRAP certified factories from 100% organic bamboo lyocell; the best way to explain the material is that it's similar to silk, but vegan friendly!

If you love vegan and sustainable sleepwear for women and men, then you'd be crazy to look past Ettitude.

Eubi | Stride | Ethical clothing Melbourne

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3. Team Timbuktu

Would you believe us if we said that this sustainable activewear was made from recycled fishing nets and carpet?

Team Timbuktu use a combination of recycled polyester and ECONYL; the latter is a beautiful regenerated nylon that turns into an identical makeup to virgin nylon.

Check out Team Timbuktu's stylish range of sustainable activewear for women today!

Team Timbuktu | Stride | Ethical clothing Melbourne

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4. Eubi

Eubi is for the man who despises the notion of wearing something boring!

Based in Melbourne, however Eubi has gone international and made big splashes in both Europe and America.

With shorts, tees and jumpers perfect for the beach, or lounging around at home, there's something for every bloke at Eubi!

Eubi | Stride | Ethical men's clothing

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5. Oneiric

Based and made in Melbourne's north, Oneiric is a rapid riser in the ethical fashion scene in Australia.

With a variety of jackets, jumpers, shorts, earrings and more, there is a bit of everything for everyone!

One of our customers recently described it as 'corporate chic to die for'.

Come check out Oneiric today to shop one of Melbourne's latest ethical clothing brands!

Oneiric | Stride | Ethical Clothing Melbourne

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6. Treball Active

Treball Active's motto is 'happily active'.

We all know that when you feel good, you look even better!

Run by a brother/sister power duo team, Treball Active is committed to ethical activewear that looks stunning.

Check out their awesome range of leggings, crops, bike shorts and jumpers today!

Treball Active | Stride | Ethical Clothing Melbourne

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7. Wilga Clothing

One of our oldest Melbourne ethical clothing brands, Wilga Clothing was founded over 16 years ago!

A majority of their fashion is made from rayon and recycled cotton, with wool making an appearance for the warmer Winter months.

With a large range of tops, pants, skirts and much more, don't forget to check out Wilga Clothing today!

Wilga Clothing | Stride | Ethical Clothing Melbourne

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There you have it - your go-to list for ethical clothing brands in Melbourne!

We have amazing ethical and sustainable fashion brands all across Australia, but today was a feature for the proud Melbournians.

Melbourne is an amazing city filled with even better labels!

Which Melbourne based ethical clothing brand will you be shopping today?