Sustainable & Ethical Plus Size Clothing Brands In Australia

Ethical plus-size fashion embraces principles of sustainability and fair labor, creating a space where fashion is accessible for every body type. At Stride Store, we recognise the significant challenge of finding comfortable and stylish options for all shapes and sizes. We carefully curate our collection to include high-quality plus-size sustainable clothing that extends beyond standard sizing norms—up to size 26—ensuring that each piece aligns with both ethical standards and contemporary style.

Our commitment to plus-size slow fashion reflects in the variety of brands we feature, which are dedicated to ethical practices and ecological responsibility. By choosing to support these ethical plus-size brands, our customers not only wear clothes that look great and feel good, but also contribute to a more sustainable and size inclusive Australian fashion industry. Keep reading to discover your new favourite brands today!

Challenges in Plus-Size Fashion

The journey of plus-size fashion reflects a bumpy road with significant challenges and slow progress toward inclusivity. Historically, the fashion industry has offered limited options for plus-size individuals, often relegating larger sizes to less trendy, poorly designed garments that do not reflect contemporary styles. This lack of choice not only limited fashion expression but also perpetuated stigmas around body size, leaving a substantial segment of the market underserved and misrepresented.

However, recent trends show a shift towards greater inclusivity in the fashion world. Many brands are now embracing a broader size range, recognizing the need and the market potential of catering to all body types. This positive change is driven by both emerging designers and established brands, which are increasingly incorporating plus-size collections that are both fashionable and accessible. Despite these advancements, the journey is far from complete, and many brands are still in the early stages of truly embracing size diversity.

Remaining gaps in the market provide opportunities for growth and improvement. Issues such as the availability of a wide range of styles, consistent sizing across brands, and genuine representation in marketing campaigns still exist. Moving forward, the industry needs to continue its momentum in not only offering sizes but also ensuring that plus-size fashion is equitable, fashionable, and respectful. This ongoing evolution in the fashion landscape is crucial for building a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Best Curvey Clothing Brands in Australia

Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride
Harvest Shirt // Black Wildflower-Hope & Harvest-stride

1. Hope & Harvest

Discover a trailblazer in plus-size fashion, known for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Crafted by a plus-size designer, H&H offers a lineup of garments that are not only stylish and trendy but also built to last. Their dedication shines through in their diverse range, which includes everything from vegan to organic options, ensuring there’s something for every conscious shopper.

Hope & Harvest stands out for its extensive collection, available online, featuring breathtaking dresses, versatile tops and stylish pants. Each piece is designed to celebrate inclusivity and positive environmental impact, making H&H a preferred choice for consumers worldwide. Shop their exceptional range today!

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2. Chasing Springtime

Have you ever wondered why so many plus size clothes are just plain awful? It's frustrating to settle for clothes that fit, but don't reflect your personality or make you feel great.

Belinda Allison scratched her own itch and started designing plus size fashion. She craved plus size clothing made with curvey bodies in mind... but they couldn't be boring! They needed to also express personality and joy.

Chasing Springtime designs are made to be modest - with tops that cover your belly, short sleeves to cover your arms, and necklines that actually stay put. Their range includes plus size work clothes that are professional and stylish. It's time to turn heads from 9-5 😜

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Isle of Summer

3. Isle of Summer

Introducing Isle of Summer Label - a brand that believes in doing fashion differently. Their philosophy is simple: they create clothing that you'll want to wear every day, and they do it ethically.

Isle of Summer Label's collections are focused on core shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. By creating timeless pieces that are easy to wear, their garments become wardrobe staples that can be worn season after season.

But it's not just about looking good, it's about doing good. Isle of Summer Label partners with ethical suppliers who provide a living wage and good working conditions for their employees - as well as reducing their carbon footprint. They believe in empowering women and they prioritize partnerships with women-led companies

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Other Plus Size Fashion Brands to Consider

Discover a world of ethical and inclusive fashion with our curated selection of seven standout brands that we do not stock here at Stride Store. Each brand offers unique plus-size options and helps to create a more inclusive clothing options in Australia.


Sanct stands out for its commitment to slow fashion. Made-to-order in Melbourne, their clothing focuses on simplicity and sustainability, ensuring minimal waste. Sanct offers a range of relaxed staples designed to integrate seamlessly into existing wardrobes, catering up to size 26.


Natalija elevates the plus-size fashion scene with luxurious, bespoke silk garments. Available up to size 22, their offerings include elegant slip dresses and custom bridal wear, all ethically crafted in Australia to ensure both style and sustainability.


Known for its vibrant prints and eclectic designs, Gorman offers plus-size options that don’t compromise on style or quality. With sizes up to 20, their collections feature relaxed fits and high-quality materials, making fashion both fun and accessible.

Clothing The Gaps

This unique brand merges fashion with social impact, focusing on inclusivity across sizes up to 5XL. Clothing The Gaps, a not-for-profit label, employs fashion as a means to foster equality, with pieces that support Indigenous communities. Their approach not only enhances cultural awareness but also promotes health and well-being among Indigenous Australians through fashion that makes a statement.


Ruby is celebrated for its playful and innovative approach to plus-size fashion. Based in New Zealand, Ruby offers garments ranging from sizes 4 to 20. The brand is known for its quality fabrics and vibrant designs, ensuring that each piece not only fits beautifully but also adds a splash of joy to any wardrobe.


Inspired by the landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, 17sundays specializes in casual wear that's both stylish and comfortable. Their collection, available up to size 26, includes versatile basics and flattering denim, designed to celebrate plus-size bodies with fashion-forward styles.

Warmcore Clothing

Warmcore Clothing brings bold colors and unique styles to the plus-size market, offering sizes from 8 to 22. Each piece is handmade with a focus on individuality and expression, allowing customers to infuse their personal style into everyday attire.

What's Next for Plus Size Clothing In Australia?

It's clear that supporting these companies is not just about fashion—it's about fostering a sustainable and inclusive industry. By choosing to shop from brands that prioritize ethical practices, consumers have the power to inspire significant changes in the fashion world. Looking ahead, there is a promising horizon for fashion inclusivity and sustainability, with more brands recognizing the importance of catering to all body types while respecting our planet.

Are you ready to make a positive impact? Explore and shop our curated selection of ethical plus-size clothing at Stride Store, where every purchase supports a brighter future for fashion.

Which new brand will you be shopping today?