Can One Person Really
Change Fast Fashion?

The short and blunt answer is 'no'... but it's not that simple!

With just under 8 billion people in the world, it's completely normal to feel as though that your actions won't directly help end atrocities like climate change, human rights abuses, animal cruelty, etc.

But global movements start with just one person - just look at how Greta Thunberg went from protesting outside Swedish parliament by herself to mobilising over 6 million people globally to fight for climate action in just 15 months.

Like Greta, we need to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

Because in the world of slow fashion, you can have much more of an impact apart from being conscious about the clothes that you choose to buy. It's vital that you are a positive influence on the people and businesses around you.

As we always say here at Stride - small changes x millions of people = a global impact.

We've got 3 considerations to help you improve the ecosystem around you and enjoy the ripple effect of your great work!

Educate Your Circles

We have a theory that everyone has a 'knowledge threshold'.

This is when someone learns so much about a particular issue that they reach tipping point and feel compelled to act in a better way.

For example, lots of slow fashion enthusiasts were once apart of the fast fashion problem (which is perfectly fine). However, once they started to read about fashion's destruction of our environment, animal cruelty and the abuse of garment workers, they ditched fast fashion for good.

So how can you help your friends and family reach their 'knowledge threshold'?

First of all, it's critical that you appreciate why so many consumers still indulge in fast fashion - check out this article to learn the 4 key reasons why people still buy fast fashion.

Then it's vital that you start having conversations with your friends about their consumption. Ask them questions about the brands they support and if that brand's practices aligns with their values.

Hopefully you've sparked an interest in the world of slow fashion, so be sure to forward these resources to them:
Fashion Revolution
Eco Warrior Princess
Ethical Made Easy

At the end of the day, you don't need to 50k followers to be a positive influence on society!

Ethical fashion stats

Source: Our Good Brands

Get Vocal

Fast fashion won't change unless consumers demand change.

If we continue to not challenge their processes and buy their clothes, why would brands change their ways?

But imagine the uproar at Zara's HQ if nobody bought anything from them tomorrow... we can get vocal with our wallets by not buying fast fashion, but we can also get vocal in talking to brands.

One of the best examples of this is the #whomademyclothes movement pioneered by Fashion Revolution.

This is where consumers all around demand answers from brands about who is making their clothes, in what conditions, what are their clothes made with and much more.

Because if we don't know who these people are, how can we fight for them?

Click here for free resources to help you ask your favourite fashion brands today!

PS. We created our own template for you to ask influencers who made their clothes. Which influencer will you be asking?

Progress > Perfection

The worst thing you can do is be debilitated by perfection.

Nobody is the 'perfect' consumer, so don't put pressure on yourself to do everything right EVERY time... you are human.

Try your best to research brands before buying, ask questions about where their clothes are made, what it's made with and anything else that aligns with your values. Make sure every purchase is an informed one - as opposed to impulse.

Now this might sound counter intuitive coming from a slow fashion retailer, but you're allowed a 'cheat day' sporadically. If you're out shopping and see a H&M dress that you absolutely adore, then why not occasionally treat yourself to the equivalent of junk food in the fashion world.

We like to look at things as a net score for the month - if your good decisions outweighed the bad, then you're in the green... but if the bad outweighs the good, then you're in the red. You can make mistakes or impulses throughout the month, but make sure your monthly score is net positive!

Stride is far from perfect and we try our best every day to get better. We don't beat ourselves up about this and neither should you.


Source: Will Bilinski


Now do you believe that one person change the world?

You may not be able to be the next Greta Thunberg, but why can't you be the next Greta Thunberg in your social circles? Mobilise them to consume better and be thoughtful about their actions.

We hope that this article inspires you to continue to be the change you wish to see in the world, as ethical fashion brands can't exist and change the industry without conscious consumers like yourself.

And if you're looking for sustainable fashion in Australia, then look no further than Stride. We offer free shipping & returns* to make shopping ethically as easy as possible!

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