What is Fashion Revolution Week?

What is fashion revolution week Australia 2020? Where ethical clothing Australia brands are born

Fashion Revolution Week occurs every year on the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 that killed over 1,000 innocent workers. Run by Fashion Revolution, the purpose of this weekly campaign is to spur greater greater transparency between fashion brands and their consumers.

Notably, consumers are demanding to know how their clothes are made and what they are made with. The overriding goal is to make fashion safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone involved.

The week centres around consumers asking brands one burning question:
- who made my clothes?

What We'll Cover

Inspirational Video: Why Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement; not just for ethical fashion in Australia

Why It's Important: Consumers hold the power and we must keep brands accountable

Email Templates: easy templates that you can send to your favourite brands find out #whomademyclothes

Sign the Manifesto: sign your name and help contribute to a global fashion revolution!

Join Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Get inspired to join the Fashion Revolution in Australia and beyond

Why Fashion Revolution Week is Important

Fashion Revolution Week is an amazing period where millions of consumers ask brands on social #whomademyclothes.

If just one person asks, then big brands will likely ignore it; but if we can mobilise thousands of people to ask one brand who made their clothes, the greater the chance they will show some sort of transparency.

And transparency promotes accountability.

As consumers, if we don’t know who is making our clothes, we can’t hold brands accountable. Lots of Australian brands hide behind murky and multifaceted supply chains, so it’s hard for us to know who is actually committed to ethical clothing and who only cares about profits.

Australia may have stringent workplace laws, but just because the clothing is Australian made, does not automatically guarantee that the clothing is ethically made. 

Easy Email Templates to Ask Your Favourite Brands

who made my clothes, ethical clothing brands Australia
whats in my clothes, sustainable fashion brands

Whether it be for local ethical clothing in Melbourne, ethical clothing in Australia, or fashion from anywhere in the world, we need to be asking these questions!

Click on the photos above to access your templates and embrace the fashion revolution!

Sign the Manifesto

Are you ready to put your name to the fashion revolution?

Let's all play our part in ensuring the clothing in Australia is ethical and sustainable. Whether it Australian made or produced overseas, we need as many signatures as possible to make the fashion revolution a global one.

Click the link attached here and join Fashion Revolution Week 2020.

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What will be your next step this Fashion Revolution Week 2020?

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