Give Your Skin Some Love - Body Scrub Tips For Fantastic Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so it’s also the most exposed to harmful elements and irritants. Because of this, our skin will often experience a buildup of dead skin cells, oil residue, and dirt, all of which can worsen with weather changes or stress.

When it all accumulates, they can reduce the radiance of your skin… and none of us want this!

Though most skincare routines focus on stripping dirt and makeup to help restore your skin's glow, other parts of our body don't get enough TLC. Unfortunately, many of us settle with body soaps and lotions, but did you know that the skin in other parts of your body needs more than that?

One of the best ways to restore your body's natural glow is through exfoliation — this is where body scrubs come into play. In this article, we'll share some tips on using the best body scrub and some skincare tips to help bring back the natural glow of your skin. 

Tip #1: Your Body Scrub and Moisturisers are Best Friends

When you use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin, you essentially get rid of dry and dead skin cells that help brighten and smoothen your skin.

Ideally, you want to use the best body scrub, such as Embalm's Skincare's Invigorating Body Scrub, because it has fantastic ingredients like organic raw sugar, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, and more that are great treats for your skin.

After scrubbing your body, ensure that you moisturise your skin with soothing ingredients to help your skin recover, calm down, and stay hydrated.

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Tip #2: Exfoliate To Feel Good Inside and Out

Exfoliating your skin has both external and internal effects. Exfoliating your body's biggest organ can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This is because when you scrub your body, the little beads of sugars give your body a gentle massage, encouraging you to feel calm and relaxed while you strip of stressful buildup.

Tip #3: Don't Go Too Hard

When you're scrubbing your skin, you're putting pressure on your body by using tiny and hard ingredients to help strip off dead skin cells. For this reason, you wouldn't want to add more stress to your skin.

Remember, adding more pressure doesn't benefit you; instead, you may feel more pain. This is why when you exfoliate your skin, light, circular movements are enough to help keep your skin tissue healthy.

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Tip #4: Prep Your Skin With The Right Temperature

The temperature of your water plays a huge role in your exfoliating session. You want to use warm to hot water beforehand to help soften your skin and open its pores.

However, be careful not to use scalding hot water since it may dry and burn your skin. 

Tip #5: Exfoliate Three to Four Times a Week

If you're only beginning your exfoliation journey, start by using body scrubs once a week, and then you can gradually build up to three to four times a week. You want to do this slowly because you need to ensure that your skin isn't experiencing any adverse reactions.

Avoid scrubbing your skin daily as it can aggravate your skin, leading to unwanted irritations, clogged pores, and hardened skin. 

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The Bottom Line: Give Your Body's Biggest Organ The Tender Love and Care It Deserves

The best way to bring back your skin's natural glow is by exfoliating your body a few times a week. However, because exfoliation may be harsh for some people, ensure that you find the best body scrub that works for you.

And if you're looking to remove dark spots caused by pimples, click here to read a great article referencing a dermatologist.

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