5 Must-Watch Documentaries About
Ethical Fashion & Sustainability In 2020

Knowledge is power!

The more we learn about the world, the more equipped we are with the mental resources to live the life we want to live.

In this case, ignorance isn't bliss.

There are a plethora of fantastic documentaries exposing why we must strive to live a more ethical, conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

It was hard, but we managed to cull our list to the top 5 documentaries that you must watch this year to help you become a better consumer!

1. The True Cost

Our personal favourite and arguably the go-to documentary for the world of ethical fashion.

Released in 2015, Andrew Morgan explores the human and environmental impact of fast fashion through the eyes of workers, factory managers and business leaders.

We must clarify that some people may find parts of this documentary distressing as Morgan leaves no stone unturned in showcasing the vulnerable people who make our clothes.

If you're looking to inspire your friends and family to ditch fast fashion, The True Cost will definitely inspire them to become a more conscious consumer.

Watch the trailer below or visit The True Cost website for more info.

2. River Blue

Should major corporations be able to shamelessly pollute our rivers and natural resources?


... but it still occurs to this day and with disastrous consequences.

Sustainability advocate, Mark Angelo, takes you on a journey to see some of the world's most beautiful rivers, and some of the most polluted ones too.

Angelo has the global fast fashion industry in his crosshairs, with the overriding goal to inspire fashion to become more sustainable.

Watch the trailer below, or visit the River Blue website here.

3. Minimalism

Not strictly related to ethical fashion or sustainability, Minimalism is a bit of a left field suggestion, but still worth a watch.

Minimalism counters the hyper-consumption world that fast fashion wants us to believe.

This eye-opening documentary follows the lives of an eclectic mix of minimalists; lawyers, scientists, architects and even a former Wall Street broker.

If you believe less is more, then you'll love following the lives of trailblazing minimalists living a meaningful with less.

Watch the trailer below, or visit the Minimalist's website here.

4. The Machinists

Ever wondered what it's like being a female garment worker in Bangladesh?

Scared, overworked and severely underpaid.

The Machinists follows the lives of 3 young Bangladeshi garment workers and through their plights at home and work.

In a humbling exchange, these same women are shown the faces of the people who benefit from their exploitation. These workers may be faceless to consumers, but we aren't faceless to them.

Watch the trailer below, or check out the whole doco by clicking here.

5. The Next Black

Here's something a little more positive and futuristic to finish with!

The Next Black is an innovative documentary that brings together designers and thought leaders to discuss the future of fashion.

Fashion has evolved exponentially in the last few decades, and here's hoping that the next few are filled with innovations to make fashion more ethical and sustainable!

Will we be wearing digital skin instead of clothes in 20 years?

Check out the trailer below, or watch the whole doco by clicking here.


5 documentaries covering 5 unique angles on why our current fashion industry simply can't continue as is.

Innocent workers are exploited and our natural resources are being destroyed - everyone deserves to live a life of dignity and our resources are finite.

Be sure to add these to your lists and truly grasp their humbling messages. Fingers crossed you can make some new and conscious changes to your lifestyle as a result!

Which one will you be watching tonight?

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