News You Should Know
(June Edition)

News You Should Know | Stride | Ethical Fashion

June has been an influential month that will hopefully go down in history as one that changed the discourse of race relations for the better.

Although our articles mainly focus on ethical fashion and sustainability, we simply couldn't ignore and not advocate for Black Lives Matter.

In our June bulletin, we discuss how Australians can help promote Black Lives Matter, how Google is promoting transparency, a humbling social experiment and much more!

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1. How To Support BLM In Australia

Every black life matters; whether it is in America or in Australia.

But it can be tough when you know you want to help, but don't know where to start...

Zee Feed have collated 5 strategies for those who want to turn their energy into action by supporting Black Lives Matters in Australia.

Fact: 4.7% of Indigenous men are in jail, compared to just 0.3% for non-Indigenous men.

Click here to learn more about how to support BLM in AUS

2. Google Is Tracking Raw Sustainable Materials

WWF Sweden and Google have teamed up to better track raw materials and assess their sustainability.

The plan is to combine to Google's machine learning software with WWF's knowledge of environmental impacts to better inform brands and manufacturers about their raw materials (and how sustainable they are).

With so many moving pieces in the fashion supply chain, it's hard to truly know where the materials are being sourced from so this is a big step in the right direction.

The big question remains: will fast fashion adopt this?

Google and WWF

Click here to learn more about Google's new innovation.

3. Fashion Revolution's New & Free Sustainable Fashion Course

Stay home and level up your sustainable fashion knowledge with this brilliant new course from Fashion Revolution!

Explore the fashion industry's impact on the people and our planet, as well as learning more about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Commit to 3 hours per week and you'll be finished in a month!

Here are mind-blowing stat that blew our mind:
• Industry-wide emissions for fashion needs to be slashed by 80% before 2050 in order to align with the goal of a 2°C warming scenario

Fashion's Future

Sign up to the Fashion's Future course here.

The 2 Euro T-Shirt: A Social Experiment That Will Melt Your Heart

If there is one vide you watch today, make sure it is this one... it may just restore your faith in humanity!

Worth A Read - Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas investigates the real cost of fast fashion on humans and our environment.

She leaves no stone unturned and this book is perfect for those looking to kickstart their ethical clothing lifestyle!

How much longer before we self-destruct?

With a rating of 4.01 on Goodreads, be sure to check out Fashionopilis now!

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