News You Should Know
(July 2020 Edition)

News You Should Know | Stride | Ethical Fashion

A lot has happened in July.

Big retailers are taking collective action against Boohoo, Uighurs in China are still being abused with the fashion industry complicit, and we have a must-listen TED Talk for you!

All that and more in this July's edition of News You Should Know...

Knowledge is power!

1. Amazon & ASOS Dump Boohoo Amid Leicester Factory Claims

Scathing reports begun to emerge in July that factory workers making Boohoo Clothes were being paid as little as £3.50/hour - more than half the minimum wage.

Labour abuse in the fashion industry is nothing new, and it is definitely something that isn't reserved for Boohoo and Leicester.

But it begs the question - are First World lives worth more than Third World?

Where is this outcry for Bangladeshi workers?

They are routinely abused in a plethora of ways, but we don't see such drastic action from retailers...

Click here to learn more about the Leicester factory claims

2. 'Virtually Entire' Fashion Industry Complicit In Uighur Forced Labour

It is believed that cotton from Xinjang can be found in 1/5 cotton products worldwide.

But this isn't just any region of China - it is believed that 1.8 million Uighurs are forced to work in prison-like camps.

This is why many believe that the fashion industry is complicit.

A lack of due diligence on their supply chain, combined with a shameless desire for profit above all else, has created a collective turning of a blind eye.

Google and WWF

Click here to learn more about Uighur abuse in Xinjiang.

3. Fashion Revolution's New & Free Sustainable Fashion Course

In our own way, we've all been hit hard by this pandemic.

Some people who have suffered the most are vulnerable garment workers with:
• virtually no job security
• a wage that doesn't allow them to save
• minimal opportunities for other work

Systems aren't in place to protect them.

These people aren't invisible and you need to hear their story.

Fashion's Future

Click here to learn the stories of garment workers during COVID.

The High Cost Of Our Cheap Fast Fashion

Do you know where your clothes come from?

In this compelling and information-packed talk, co-founder of Zady, Maxine Bédat shows how you can take back the power of your wardrobe.

Worth A Read - Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline

Ever wondered about the shockingly high cost of 'cheap' fashion?

Cline delves deep into this, and exemplifies how consumers can ditch the buy-and-toss cycle of fast fashion!

A great read for new slow fashion adopters :)

Click here to learn more about Overdressed!

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