Sustainable Fashion - What Is It &
Why You Should Care About It

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This phrase “sustainable fashion” has been going on around the fashion industry for years now, but not everyone truly understands what it means.

Some people think it is just another buzzword used as a marketing ploy, whereas others assume it’s ‘perfectly’ sustainable fashion… but is it that simple?

We break down everything that you need to know about the slow fashion movement. 

What We'll Cover

The Problems With The Fashion Industry Today

Understanding Sustainable Fashion

Why Slow Fashion Needs Your Support

3 Reasons To Change Your Buying Habits

The Problems With The Fashion Industry Today

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the wastewater and 87% of the fibre in landfills worldwide.

Despite that, only less than 1% of all apparel products are recycled into new garments. Its irresponsible and wasteful processes, unending demand, and relentless production make the garment industry one of the world's most destructive industries.

Consumers and manufacturers in the industry alike are desperate for a more sustainable solution. 

Ethical fashion stats

Source: Our Good Brands

Understanding Sustainable Fashion - What Is It?

Sustainable fashion refers to the movement that aims to design, produce, distribute, and use clothes in environmentally-friendly ways (as well as ethical considerations.

The campaign includes the protection of workers' rights and social welfare. The movement's goal is pretty straightforward, but it has not been easy to accomplish.

Going sustainable means businesses have to adjust and reinvest in new methods and materials. Some will lose some profit in the process, which is why many are hesitant about the movement. 

Why Slow Fashion Needs Your Support

The only way for manufacturers to reconsider their production processes is if people demand adherence to certain principles. That means avoiding consuming these unethical and environmentally damaging products to support sustainable fashion instead. Here are the reasons you should reconsider your fashion choices:

1. Small Step Towards Helping the Environment

The more people supporting this goal, the more it will be empowered. The fashion industry must be revamped from the ground up. From the procurement of raw materials to the supply chain to the assembly line, fast fashion manufacturers need to understand that the movement means business.

2. It Is Also a Fight for the Right of the Workers

Most fast fashion companies hire employees from developing countries and pay them obscenely low wages that are well below a living wage for that country.

Despite the high profits they make, workers' rights and working conditions are not always considered. Supporting a more ethical method will encourage more fast fashion companies to rethink their choices.

Did you know that increasing the retail price of fashion by just 1% would result in a living wage for garment workers?

Ethical fashion stats

Source: Eco-Business

3. It Is a Movement for the Future

All that you do now will impact the future. Years back, organic food and vegan food were not part of standard production, but fighting for it resulted in slow but visible improvements. The same could happen to the fashion industry if only more people get involved.

Remember - small changes x millions of people = a global impact.


The world does not need to stop clothing production to care for the environment. Companies and consumers only need to take baby steps towards a better future. Making little changes can help, but the world also needs drastic changes.

The industry is still learning the best ways to reduce their environmental impact, but we also need to hold them to higher standards. The more people get involved with the movement, the faster the world can see positive results.

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