Sustainable Sleepwear Materials
You Must Know About

In a world of high cost of living and environmental pollution, many Australians are turning to ethical and sustainable sleepwear as a way to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as being good to their body.

Nothing feels smoother than eco-friendly sleepwear that's made from natural and sustainable materials such as cotton, organic bamboo lyocell, hemp and many others.

You will literally sleep better knowing that your organic cotton nightgown or sustainable lingerie was made fairly. Sustainable sleepwear is designed to be durable, comfortable and perfect for dreamy night of sleep.

With the amount of time in our lives that we spend sleeping, it makes sense to make sure that whatever we wear is good for our health, for the future of our planet and lets our skin breathe freely. Get away from all the synthetic materials that pollute the earth and our bodies and choose natural fibre clothing.

You wouldn't put harmful chemicals in your body - so don't wear them either!

With our world having slowed down, it’s a good time to have a proper look at our choices. Choose sustainable fashion as opposed to supporting fast fashion that pollutes our environment.

Natural and sustainable pyjamas are not only a good alternative to conventional sleepwear, but they are also a great option for people that have a health problem or are suffering from allergies.

There's so many positives!

So if you're looking for sustainable sleepwear in Australia, but don't know where to start, we've broken down the key materials used and why they are eco-friendly.

What We'll Cover

Organic cotton sleepwear

Organic bamboo lyocell sleepwear

Linen sleepwear

1. Organic Cotton Sleepwear

This fabric is very soothing and skin-friendly. It’s perfect for winter pyjamas and wrapping young babies in.

By choosing organic cotton, you are also helping rid the earth and our waters of pesticides, as traditional cotton is the most chemical dependent crop in the world.

Keep a lookout for GOTS certified organic cotton to easily find sustainable pyjamas (or clothing).

Tasi Travels

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2.  Organic Bamboo Lyocell Sleepwear

Chances are that you probably haven't heard of organic bamboo lyocell... especially for sleepwear!

It's an evolved version of traditional bamboo and it can be best described as a vegan silk.

We love that the process is closed loop and helps to minimise any waste by reusing and recycling any excess water.

In stark contrast to non-organic cotton, bamboo requires significantly less labour, chemicals and fresh water to produce - now doesn't that sound kind to our planet?

Ettitude are the connoisseurs of ethical and sustainable sleepwear, so be sure to check them out! 

Ettitude sustainable sleepwear

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3. Linen Sleepwear

Linen is one of the oldest materials in the world.

It dates back thousands of years BC. Derived from flax plants.  it’s very light and cooling, which is why it is one of the go-to Summer materials.

Across its lifecycle, a cotton shirt will use up 2,700 litres, whereas a linen shirt will use just 6.4 litres.

This, plus it being biodegradable, is why many Australians choose linen for their sustainable sleepwear.

Findlay sustainable sleepwear

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Sleep soundly knowing that your sleepwear is not only ethically made, but uses materials that is kind to our planet.

... and not to mention super stylish!

It can be tough understanding and investigating what makes certain sleepwear brands sustainable, but we hope the breakdown of these 3 materials helps you to make an informed decision when you buy ethical sleepwear in Australia.

And don't forget that we also offer men's sustainable sleepwear too!

What sustainable material will you be shopping today for your sleepwear?

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