Top 7 Australian Made Clothes Brands
[2021 Guide]

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Did you know that the annual retail sales of the Australian fashion industry is $21 billion?

Now that blows our mind, but it's vital with an ever-growing influx of international companies that we continue to support Australian made clothing brands.

It's important that we do our best to choose Australian made to create a more linear economy throughout Australia - whereby Australian consumers who support Australians designers that provide work for Australian manufacturers/workers.

It's a ripple effect that has a meaningful impact on local workers and manufacturers!

But isn't Australian made more expensive? You'd be surprised... our top 7 list also showcases some affordable Australian clothing brands too.

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Our Top 7 Australian Made Clothing Brands

This was tough, but here's our shortlist:
1. Tluxe
2. Tasi Travels
3. Tricolour Federation
4. High Tees
5. Genkstasy
6. Luna + Sun
7. Gaál

Scroll down now to find out which brand is best for you!

1. Tluxe

Tluxe offers the finest range of Australian made women's clothing that's also 100% organic.

Everything is made by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certified factories in Sydney. This ECA audit is the gold standard of ethical production as it verifies that their Australian supply chain is legal and fair.

Browse their range of tops, dresses, culottes, singlets and much more today!

Tluxe | Stride | Australian made clothing

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2. Tasi Travels

Made in the beautiful suburbs of the Sunshine Coast, Tasi Travels offers the ultimate Australian made clothing range for Aussies who have caught the travel bug!

Most of their products are made from TENCEL - a sustainable material made by dissolving wood pulp and then spinning it into a stunning yarn.

With options for women & men, browse Tasi Travel's range of playsuits, tops, shorts, pants and more now!

Tasi Travels | Stride | Australian Made Clothes

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3. Tricolour Federation

What if we told you that you can shop sustainable denim with the smallest footprint AND it's made right here in Australia? Well, we can thanks to Tricolour Federation!

Based in Melbourne, every pair is made using organic cotton (87.55%), recycled polyester from PET bottles (8.46%) and elastane (3.99%). They are made locally too, so you can be rest assured that you're eco-friendly denim is also supporting your love for Australian made fashion.

There's jeans, shorts, skirts and more for men & women, so check out Tricolour Federation today!

Tricolour Federation | Stride | Ethical clothing Melbourne

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4. High Tees

High Tees is the go-to label for patriots who love to shop Australian made clothing inspired by their Aussie heroes!

All of their tees are made from organic cotton and printed in Melbourne. Some of the most popular icons they celebrate are Cathy Freeman, Lee Lin Chin and Jimmy Barnes.

Which Australian legend will you be wearing thanks to High Tees?

High Tees | Stride | Shop australian made clothing

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5. Genkstasy

Located in Brisbane, Genkstasy champions unisex clothing in Australia by showcasing the finest non-binary fashion range.

Manufactured in Brisbane as well, they'll also satisfy your craving for garments made in Australia too. A lot of their designs are bold, so only wear Genkstasy if you dress to be seen :)

Shop their range of tops, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets and more today!

Genkstasy | Stride | Unisex Clothing Australia

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6. Luna + Sun

Based and made in Brisbane, Luna + Sun is an up-and-coming ethical Australian clothing brand.

Similar to Tluxe, all of their clothing is manufactured in Ethical Clothing Australia certified factories. So not only do they use 100% organic materials, but their range has been verified that it's made ethically too.

We simply adore their breathtaking shirts, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts.

Luna + Sun | Stride | Ethical Clothing Australia

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7. Gaál

Gaál is Australia's most transparent fashion label - you can track their supply chain from where it was cut, the care labels, and even where the stickers are from!

They leave no stone unturned in their pursuit in becoming Australia's most ethical & transparent brand... because when a fashion brand has nothing to hide, then why not be an open book for their customers?

Be sure to shop their range of Australian made dresses, blazers, skirts and tops now!

GAAL | Stride | Australian Made Fashion

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There you have it - 7 amazing Australian made clothes brands that are bound to satisfy your quench for local fashion!

Our guide covered a variety of options for men, women and non-binary clothing in the form of dresses, tops, jackets and a whole lot more...

And don't forget to shop Stride today for the widest variety of Australian clothing brands online. We have over 100 brands and we make your experience seamless with free shipping & returns.

Which new brand will you be shopping today?