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Ethical Clothing Australia

Source: Ethical Clothing Australia

During their 20th birthday celebrations, we thought it would be fitting to share some love for our friends at Ethical Clothing Australia - an organisation that is very dear to our heart and many others in Australia.

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is a not-for-profit accreditation body that works in unison with textile, clothing and footwear manufacturers in Australia to ensure that the supply chains are fair and ethical.

 They meticulously map the entire supply chain in Australia via annual third-party audits to assess the:
• Design
• Pattern making
• Cut
• Make
• Trim, and
• Dispatch

The purpose of all this scrutiny?

Because transparency is imperative in protecting the rights of factory-based staff and outworkers (those who work from home).

Ethical Clothing Australia ensures that workers' rights protected, as well as confirming that all staff are being compensated by the relevant Award rates and entitlements.

Too often, the fashion industry can be rife with worker abuse - but with bodies like Ethical Clothing Australia, we can take steps forward so that those who make our clothes are working in fair and safe conditions.

Although they share a variety of differences, Ethical Clothing Australia certifications shares a similar ethos to the more globally known Fair Trade Certification.

What We'll Cover

How To Get Accredited

How To Know If Your Clothes Are Ethical Clothing Australia Certified

One Of Our Own - Luna + Sun

How To Get Accredited

Many brands and manufacturers who are committed to ethical fashion in Australia choose to pursue an accreditation with ECA.

It is the gold standard in exemplifying to their customers that their clothes have been ethically made during a fair, safe and legal supply chain.

Step 1 - contact Ethical Clothing Australia to identify what the accreditation means for your business and supply chain. Find out exactly what the independent audit involves, as well as perusing the Accreditation Guidelines.

Step 2 - it's now time to sign the Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice (Manufacturers Agreement) and complete the Ethical Clothing Australia’s Fee and Manufacturing Form to conclude the first formal step. Once these documents have been signed and delivered, an invoice will be sent for the application fee.

Step 3 - now the application has started and auditing process can begin. This process takes between 3-12 months, on average, depending on the size of the audit. To learn more, check out the Ethical Clothing Australia’s Accreditation Guidelines.

Step 4 - the final step! Your audit has been completed and it will now be submitted to the ECA committee of management for final approval. Barring any issues, you will soon be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia!

As you can see, no stone is left unturned in assessing which Ethical Clothing Australia brands and manufacturers receive the accreditation.

Ethical Clothing Australia

Source: Ethical Clothing Australia

How To Know If Your Clothes Are Ethical Clothing Australia Certified

The easiest way to gauge if a brand is Ethical Clothing Australia certified is to check the swing tag for a label like the one pictured below.

Further, you can always check out a brand's 'about us' section to see if they are Ethical Clothing Australia certified... because if they are, they'll be sure to plaster it on their website (and so they should as ethical fashion in Australia should be celebrated!).

Lastly, check out the list directly from ECA's website for longstanding brands and emerging brands to find the ultimate list of ethical fashion brands in Australia.

Ethical Clothing Australia

Source: Ethical Clothing Australia

One Of Our Own - Luna + Sun

We're blessed to have a few brands that are ECA certified, but one we'd love to showcase today is an emerging brand by the name of Luna + Sun... here's why we love them!

To start, their Australian made clothing comes from a manufacturer that's accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

Secondly, they use 100% natural, plant-based fabrics that comply with the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® (even their labels are made from organic cotton and the hanging ribbons are made from linen... are you just as impressed as us?).

Everything about Luna + Sun is timeless and they have a plethora of fresh colours to choose from. 

And if you needed more positives, everything is 100% vegan and they donate 1% of their net profits to the World Wide Fund.

If you love Australian made dresses, jumpsuits and shirts from an Ethical Clothing Australia certified label, then look no further!

Luna + Sun | Ethical Clothing Australia

Click here to shop Luna + Sun now.


As you can tell, we have a tremendous amount of respect for Ethical Clothing in Australia - so we thought it was about time we shared this love with our awesome audience.

It's bodies like ECA that are the antidote to the evil of fast fashion.

Fast fashion thrives in worker exploitation and zero transparency... and that is everything that Ethical Clothing Australia isn't!

Here at Stride, we are just as committed to a fashion industry that is equally fair to the maker and the consumer - because we shouldn't look stylish at the expense of someone else's dignity.

Stride is the go-to destination for sustainable and affordable ethical clothing in Australia. With free shipping and returns, we make shopping ethically super easy!

What do you love most about Ethical Clothing Australia?