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Kids clothing can be tough, especially when they're in between kids' and adults' sizes. Find a variety of baby, toddler, teens and tweens clothing at Stride!

Most retailers tend to break down their kids fashion intro baby (0-3 years), child (3-12) and teens (12-16). Most brands tend to specialise in one area so it's important to find ethical kids brands that produce the right size for your child's age.

Australia is blessed with lots of amazing brands for kids of all ages, but here are three that you need to know today:

Hendrik Clothing Company


Five O'Six

Another leading brand is Leon & Bird - they specialise in baby rompers that are designed with a touch of magic.

Start your kids on their sustainability journey early by allowing them to wear slow fashion that protects our planet.

Teach them how such materials use less water, are organic, recycled, etc. Knowledge is power!

However, this doesn't mean that you should immediately discard all of the fast fashion items. Get maximum wear out of them, or hand them down to friends or family with kids of a similar age.

Remember - the most sustainable garment is the one that you already own!

Shop Hendrik Clothing Company today for the finest range of teens & tweens clothing that's proudly made in Brisbane. Petit women can also fit into their sizes!

The majority of Australian kids' fashion brands manufacture overseas, so there are limited Australian made kid's fashion options.

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