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Sustainable swimwear in Australia comes from a variety of different brands and materials! The main difference between each brand’s approach to eco swimwear as there is more than just one sustainable choice.

For example, one popular material to use is Repreve - this is where they turn recycled plastic bottles into recycled swimwear that looks brand new!

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The cost of ethical swimwear takes into account the real cost to people and the environment. This is because such brands are conscious of their impact and choose to do things the fairest way possible.

A key aspect of sustainable swimwear in Australia is recycled swimwear. This is when companies, like Econyl, regenerate discarded items like fishing nets into a fabric that is identical to virgin nylon.

How cool is that!? As a result, this process comes at an extra cost in comparison to plastic materials like polyester.

Because we think it’s painfully ironic to love the ocean, but to continuously pollute the water with microplastics from less sustainable options.

This is why we’ve brought together some of Australia's leading ethical swimwear brands so that you don’t have to compromise your style for your values.

Cali Rae is a fantastic option for affordable, yet eco-friendly swimwear. They use Repreve to recycle plastic bottles into a perfect athletic fibre!

Other leading brands include Styelle Swim, Guava Babe and Salty Ink Designs.

Fun fact: everything is scent infused with mesmerising aromas for the perfect ambience.

Watermark Swimwear is your go-to for sustainable + Australian made swimwear!

They use Econyl (recycled carpet, fishing nets, other discarded goods) and regenerate these fibres into a property almost identical to virgin nylon.

In other words, they are:

✅ Sustainable

✅ Made in Australia

✅ Use recycled materials