How We Give Back with i=Change

Here at Stride, we fundamentally believe that it is possible for businesses to do well AND do good at the same time.

This is why we are proud to give back with every sale thanks to our amazing partnership with i=Change. With over 40 worthwhile projects to support, we polled our customers and the projects below were the top three!

Ethical fashion in Australia means many things to many different people, but here at Stride, we strongly believe that a core tenant of ethical fashion is a holistic approach that gives back to those in need.

The 3 Projects We Support

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restore the reef

Greening Australia has been restoring and conserving Australia's unique & special landscapes for over 37 years.

One of their greatest challenges is preserving the Great Barrier Reef and tackling climate change!

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help kids with cancer

My Room is a volunteer organisation that helps raise funds with the ambition to create a 100% cure rate for all childhood cancers.

Their key areas of fundraising include medical equipment, family support, research trials and clinical care.

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support bushfire recovery

Foodbank has played a pivotal role in the unprecedented crisis that has devastated communities across all of Australia.

For every $1 donated, Foodbank is able to provide $6 worth of supplies to someone in need.

How It Works

After your order, the i=Change platform will appear. Simply choose which project you'd like us to send $1 from your order!

Please note that this is not an additional fee to your order; you do not pay an additional $1. We simply take $1 from the sale and donate it to the project of your choosing.

What makes i=Change special is that brands and customers can trace their impact! Please feel free to track your impact at our live counter.