Returning an item

Too many stores offer complex returns systems, so here is a simple one:
• All customers are entitled to free returns within 14 days of the purchase

There is nothing worse than dealing with a company who have an unreasonable returns policy. Nobody wants to have an unwanted, but paid for item. That is a horrible customer experience, as well as going against slow fashion principles.
We will send you a free shipping label to complete the return. Once we receive and approve it, the funds will be sent back to you!

Please note that customers outside of Australia are still entitled to returns, but must pay for the return shipping costs.
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To lodge a return, or to ask any questions about a return, please email

Faulty Items

Firstly, we apologise for sending you a faulty item. Unfortunately, this can happen, and thankfully, it is a very uncommon occurrence. We are more than happy to provide a full refund of the item, or organise for a replacement to be sent to you ASAP!

To complete a faulty return, please reach out to
Please include all the information about your order, as well as attaching photos to highlight the fault in the product.