Nothing brings a smile to our face more than seeing some of the beautiful reviews left by you! Phrases like 'best customer service ever received' and that 'Stride gives me hope that businesses still care about customers' mean the world to us.

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Some of our customers have gone the extra mile and shared their new Stride inspired outfit to all their friends & family on social media.

It's inspired that we all inspire the people around to make positive changes in their life, and promoting a more ethical way to shop fashion is a great way to do so. 

We all need to wear clothes, so let's all play our part in mobilising more people to choose slow fashion!

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Is all publicity good publicity?

Well, so far, all our publicity has been great and super humbling to be apart of... and we intend to keep it that way!

From Startup Victoria to the connoisseurs of ethical fashion at Britt's List, we've had an array of companies feature Stride and help spread the valuable message of ethical fashion to a plethora of Australians.

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