Folktribe Clothing Pants Flowering Gum Culottes | 100% Hemp ethical clothing well made clothing sustainable fashion Australia
Folktribe Clothing Pants Flowering Gum Culottes | 100% Hemp ethical clothing well made clothing sustainable fashion Australia
Folktribe Clothing Pants Flowering Gum Culottes | 100% Hemp ethical clothing well made clothing sustainable fashion Australia
Folktribe Clothing

Flowering Gum Culottes | 100% Hemp

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High waisted 100% hemp culotte. These timeless staples will spend a lifetime in your wardrobe, paired with anything you already have. 

Never worn hemp before? Don’t worry it’s not like a heavy hessian sack, it feels and behaves more like linen. The texture feels beautiful on your skin and over time it softens and moulds beautifully to the wearer.


Check our size charts to confirm your fit but this garment has a fitted waistband so the waist measurement is most important, the wide leg allows for a vast size variation in the rest of your body shape. 



Kellie wears a size S (she normally wears an 8-10AU) and is 170cm tall


Didn’t order the right size? No problems - we can swap that right over for something that suits you better (with no extra charge to you). We respect that you are investing in a wardrobe to last a long time and the perfect fitting garments are an essential part of that.

If the garment is faulty, you are entitled to a full refund, repair or replacement (there will be no charge to you for any of these options).

For change of mind, we are happy to give you a store credit and the return postage will be at your expense.


100% Hemp

Coconut Buttons

Organic Cotton Tags  


Ideally cold hand wash with natural detergent.

For the time poor, machine wash on a cold gentle cycle with natural detergent.

Line dry in shade

Safe to iron (natural fabrics generally prefer a hotter iron)


Fabric - Northern Thailand

Garment - Northern Thailand


We receive all of our garments from our manufacturer in the raw colour, we then mordant them in soy milk (this helps the dye stick) which takes just over two weeks. Dye is created using organic plant matter or food waste (like avo skins and seeds from your fave brunch cafe) and rainwater run off from the roof of our own home. That’s the entire list of our dye ingredients: soy milk, plants and water. Our dye process takes just over a week for a totally cured garment and our by-products (plant matter, soy milk and water) are composted or used to water the garden.

The dye process is very organic and the results can be variable in tone and consistency, it is all a part of the magic - your dyed piece will be 100% unique and like no other.


We work with an Australian - Thai based company that manufacture garments in Northern Thailand. They have strict fair working and living conditions and are regularly audited by external body, Li & Fung.


Our woven labels are printed by our friend Vincent in China, they are screen printed on organic cotton and Vincent is a legend.


Every order is packaged in a 100% upcycled fabric produce bag that you can reuse in your grocery shop (we’re serious about this no plastic thing).

Our swing tags are made by the incredible crew at ‘The Environmental Printing Co’ in Western Australia, we use deadstock jute string to tie your tags.


Hemp is an extremely durable fabric, if cared for correctly the lifespan of your garment could well be as long as yours. If you wear it as much as we do (yeah, pretty much every day) maybe your garment wears out a little quicker than you, but not to worry, we have carefully curated every aspect of our garments down to the buttons and tags so that it is fully compostable at the end of its life, just cut it up into small pieces and put it into your compost so the garment can join the plant kingdom all over again.

We 100% support, endorse and embody the slow fashion movement, our ideal is that our garments are purchased, loved and worn for a very long time. We do not do seasonal drops and random sales as we believe this condones the ‘never enough’ mentality. We are comfortable with lead times as a six week wait for something that will stay with you for a lifetime shouldn’t impact your buying decision. We are okay with doing a presale if it means there is less deadstock in the world. Anyway, you get it, we like slow, conscious choices.

One last thing, if for some reason you feel it doesn’t work for you anymore, please pass it onto a friend or family member who will adore it and continue its life.

  A (cm) B (cm)
XS 70 87
S 73 89
M 76 91
L 86 93


Q: What is ethical and/or sustainable fashion?
A: The truth is, the answer is often personal and intrinsic to each individual. It's hard to narrowly define the terms as each person has certain values that they want to see represented in the fashion they wear.

Our 6 core values are key to this as it allows each person to shop the values they care about. We are committed to helping you choose more conscious fashion at whatever stage you are at

Q: Why has my order come in split deliveries?
A: All your products will be sent directly from the brand. Therefore, if you have ordered from multiple brands, the deliveries will arrive separately

Q: Is shipping really free? And returns?
A: Yes, 100% free! All orders in Australia will receive free standard shipping and returns every time! Overseas orders have shipping rates that are set per region

Q: How do I return an item?
A: Please visit our returns section by clicking here

Q: My item is faulty. What do I do?
A: First of all, we are sorry to have sent you a faulty item. Secondly, please visit our returns section by clicking here. We will send you a return shipping label at no cost to you

Q: How do you know that each brand is ethical and/or sustainable?
A: Every brand you see on this website has passed 3 or more of our core values. Through our due diligence phase, we have spoken directly to every brand to gauge their commitment to each value, as well as receiving reports and other information to verify the claims made

Q: Why are there only Australian labels?
A: Australia is blessed with so many talented designers, many of whom struggle to survive due to the intense competition locally and globally. At Stride, we want to support our fellow Australians and showcase their amazing brands. As much as we love to support ethical fashion, supporting Australians and their businesses is another key facet of what makes Stride a truly worthwhile place for you to shop

Q: Why start an ethical fashion marketplace?
A: The answer is pretty simple. The objective is that ‘ethical fashion’ one day is merely called ‘fashion’. That meaningful and conscious production is the standard of the fashion industry, and not a niche aspect of it. The more people we can reach to join our movement, the closer we get each day to this goal
Q: Where can I learn more about ethical and sustainable fashion?
A: There are a variety of great resources to help educate you on your journey to slow fashion.

A great place to start is ‘The True Cost’ by Andrew Morgan. Available on Netlfix, the documentary provides real-life insight into the ills of the fashion world and provides expert commentary from a variety of thought leaders.

Some great people to follow on social media include Javier Goyeneche, Livia Firth, Clare Press, Safia Minney and Orsola De Castro.

Also, follow Stride on social media as we regularly provide informative and insightful content about the industry

Q: How long until I receive a made to order item?
A: Made to order items will typically take about 10 business days to reach you. If it has been longer than this, please reach out to us and we will ensure it is delivered ASAP

Q: Should I throw out my fast fashion items?
A: It’s great to see that you are now thinking critically and deeper about fashion, but throwing out fast fashion items will typically result in those items ending up in landfill.

We’ve all bought from fast fashion in the past, we can’t magically take that away. What we can do is make a conscious choice moving forward to ensure that we only buy from brands that strongly consider their impact to their supply chain, the ecosystem and the environment we all share.

Q: I can't find my question...
If you can’t find your answer, or simply want to ask a question, please feel free to reach out to