Charles + Lee Gift Pack | Complete Skincare Set Men's Bundle Stride
Charles + Lee Gift Pack | Complete Skincare Set Men's Bundle Stride

Gift Pack | Complete Skincare Set

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  • Gift him perfect skin. He probably needs the help.

    A simple but thorough routine to protect and serve up the best version of his face. This pack won't change his fate, but it will help with protecting, restoring and rejuvinating the skin; everything we need help with in the mornings.

    This Complete Skincare Set does not contain the punchline to Dad’s terrible jokes. Nor will it improve his culinary skills beyond the humble BBQ, However, it is a damn good Complete Skincare Set. And he'll probably really appreciate it.


    ✖️Our face wash has been designed to assist with the important process of cell turnover and rejuvenation.

    ✖️SPF is a must, and this moisturiser means you won't miss the most crucial of steps in skin protection.

    ✖️Our newest addition, a lubricating low-foam shaving gel that softens stubble for an extra smooth shave, minus the irritation.

    ✖️Don't skip the aftershave! This special lotion assists with skin repair after daily shaving.

    ✖️ Cleanse, condition and hydrate your skin with a refreshing citrus blend of Goji Berry + Blood Orange.

    This Complete Skincare Set comes with:

    1 x Face Wash
    1 x Moisturiser SPF15
    1 x Hand & Body Wash
    1 x
    Shave Gel
    1 x Aftershave Lotion
    1 x Leather Bag


    Face Wash: Apply to a wet face + work into a rich lather, using a gentle circular motion. Avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly.

    Moisturiser: Apply a small amount to face + neck or where required. Gently massage into skin until completely absorbed.

    Hand & Body Wash: Dispense a generous amount into hands or loofah + work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly.

    Shave Gel: Apply to damp skin + work Gel into a light, creamy lather. (Tip: Shave cheeks first, to allow more time for coarse hair on the chin + upper lip to soften.) Rinse, then apply Charles + Lee Aftershave Lotion.

    Aftershave Lotion: After shaving apply a small amount of lotion to your face, moving in a downward motion from your cheekbones to your jawline + down your neck. Reapply if extra hydration is needed.

    Leather Bag: It's a gift. Use it to carry your Charles + Lee stuff to places you go.


    Choose Charles + Lee for Australia's finest natural men's skincare packs to level up your men's skin care routine today!

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