Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Christmas is right around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to start preparing your gift shopping list! Despite all the hyper-consumerism that surrounds the festive season, there’s no denying that our friends and loved ones do deserve a little cheer and good sentiments to help celebrate getting through a long year.

To help with your Christmas gift shopping, here’s our 2023 Christmas gift guide. It's filled with all the best gift ideas for all the best men, women, and non-binary this festive season!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Her

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift for the special women in your life? Stride Store has curated a selection of sustainable treasures that are sure to delight. Embrace the spirit of giving with our handpicked range, where each item tells a story of care for our planet and its people.

From the elegantly crafted Erin K Jewellery, embodying the beauty of Australia’s flora and fauna, to the Saint Belford 2024 diary, designed to organize and inspire, we have something for every taste and style. Our collection is not just about beautiful gifts; it's a commitment to ethical shopping and thoughtful giving. Shop now and discover the joy of giving gifts that give back to the planet.

Saint Belford

Saint Belford

If you’ve got a mum friend to shop for, you simply cannot go wrong by grabbing her her next annual planner. And the one we’ll be recommending today is the Saint Belford 2024 diary. The Curation 2024 annual planner has been designed to be the only diary, journal, notepad, and calendar you need to achieve all your goals in the New Year.

With its collection of innovative page layouts and scheduling tools, you can collate all the key dates, deadlines, and milestones that you can expect to reach in 2024, ensuring that you’re prepared for all that the year has to throw at you.

Alongside helping you save on paper by removing the need for you to carry around any other notebooks or journals, the Curation 2024 annual planner can also be paired with Saint Belford’s stunningly presented vegan leather compendium. Updated for the new year, this compendium boasts inner pockets for notes and receipts as well as cardholder slots, a pen loop, and a sturdy magnetic buckle closure to keep everything contained.

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Erin K Jewellery

And what if you’re buying for a magpie mate rather than a mum friend? If you’ve got a gal in your life who’s sparkle-obsessed but wants to make sure her jewellery collection stays cruelty- and conflict-free, then you’re going to want to grab her some pieces from the Erin K Jewellery collection we have here at Stride Store.

Erin K Jewellery known for her native and Australiana-inspired jewellery, boasting funky and eco-friendly jungle and bush-themed designs across a wide range of different earring and necklace styles. Both her native flora and Indigenous-inspired collections are particularly popular and sure to pair well with all the pieces in your summer wardrobe.

So why not pick up a pair of koala earrings for yourself? Every pair of Erin K’s koala earrings sold, one tree will actually be planted, courtesy of the folks at 

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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Him

ooking for eco-friendly gifts for the men in your life this Christmas? Stride Store has you covered with our selection of sustainable and stylish choices. Discover unique gifts that show you care about both him and the environment.

Check out Milkman Grooming Co. for a top-notch vegan hair styling powder, perfect for a fresh, natural look. It's a great way to help him stay stylish while being kind to the planet. And for a touch of everyday elegance, explore La Enviro's vegan leather wallets. These sleek, eco-friendly wallets are packed with features and make a practical yet stylish gift.

Our range of gifts for him are more than just items; they're a statement of eco-consciousness and thoughtful giving. Shop now at Stride Store for gifts that are as meaningful as they are useful.


Milkman Grooming Co

If you’re done with styling mousse (and have been for a while) then this next one’s for you. The folks at Australian-owned Milkman Grooming Co. have truly outdone themselves by producing their Powdinator vegan hair styling powder.

A light yet powerful product developed using natural ingredients like gotu kola, pomegranate, and kakadu plum extract, this hair styling powder is designed to be your ultimate summer-friendly hair product. Powdinator’s natural ingredients also ensure that your hair is being nourished alongside being styled, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair follicles or diminishing the natural volume of your hair by adding in product.

With a heavy-duty hold and mess-free matte finish to boot, this hair styling powder should arguably be given earlier than Christmas Day so that your lucky gift recipient can rock up to Christmas Lunch with a perfectly styled ‘do. 

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La Enviro

A good leather wallet is to guys what key pendant necklaces are to girls: a call to independence and all the adventures that accompany it. A good leather wallet is designed to last you for a lifetime. But if you’re an eco-friendly shopper, then you’re likely to be on the hunt for a good quality vegan leather wallet. That’s where La Enviro comes into the picture.

Our La Enviro collection contains a wide range of minimalist metal and vegan leather wallets so that you can find the perfect fit for your pocket. On top of being sturdy and sustainable in a small package, these La Enviro wallets are also packed full of versatile features and design inclusions.

Pictured is the Newtown Vegan Leather Wallet by La Enviro, which boasts a streamlined yet effective RFID blocking theft design, as well as an ID window, hidden coin and bill pouch, and enough card slots to hold upwards of a dozen cards.The La Enviro collection also includes some superb vegan leather belts, watches with vegan leather watch straps, and even phone cases. There’s guaranteed to be some stunning stocking stuffers here for you.

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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Them

Stride Store's collection for non-binary and androgynous style lovers brings a fresh twist to eco-friendly gift giving. This Christmas, choose from our innovative and inclusive range that breaks the traditional mould, catering to all with a flair for unique and sustainable fashion.

Our selection features the best from brands like Noskin and Merry People, offering stylish options that go beyond gender norms. Noskin's range, including their signature denim, combines eco-conscious materials with cutting-edge design, perfect for those who cherish individuality in their wardrobe. Meanwhile, Merry People's vibrant gumboots add a splash of color and fun to any outfit, catering to a wide range of sizes and styles.

Gifts from this collection are not just about making a fashion statement; they're about embracing diversity and sustainability. With Stride Store, you can find that special gift that resonates with their style and supports a greener future. Shop with us for thoughtful, inclusive, and environmentally responsible gifts this festive season.



Boasting apparel, footwear, and jewellery from some of Australia’s most renowned eco-friendly brands (including Melbourne’s own Noskin), our non-binary fashion collection has all the fits and styles that break the mould.

Their Nogen Selvedge denim in particular is guaranteed to make for a great Christmas gift for anybody who’s been struggling to secure this quintessential wardrobe staple in mainstream retail outlets. Add some unisex denim or footwear to your Christmas gift shopping cart today.

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Merry People

Finally, whilst we do have non-binary footwear on offer here at Stride Store, we have to give a shoutout to our fellow eco friends over at Merry People. This Melbourne-born brand has been making some big splashes since rolling out their first full rubber and neoprene gumboot back in 2014.

Now almost ten years later, their selection of vibrant ankle gumboots has expanded to include kids boots, clogs, mid-calf boots, kneehigh boots, and even matching socks! Their boots also cater to wider sizing, making them perfect for anybody looking to curate their very own androgynous look without having to sacrifice on colour.

And speaking of colours, you’re going to have a very tricky time indeed trying to figure out which gumboots to place under your Christmas tree this year. The sheer number of colours available is enough to make you want to escape into a blanket on a cold, rainy day. But again – that’s all the more reason to grab yourself some of these boots and go jumping in puddles without a worry in the world!

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merry people

Wrapping Up

Stride Store offers a unique opportunity this festive season to choose gifts that are not only thoughtful and stylish but also align with a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

Our curated selections for women, men, and non-binary individuals reflect our dedication to ethical fashion and a greener future. By choosing Stride Store for your Christmas shopping, you're not just giving a gift; you're supporting a movement towards a more responsible and conscious way of living.

Shop now and get your Christmas gifts delivered for FREE... why go anywhere else?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eco Fashion

Q: What is sustainable fashion?
A: Sustainable fashion is an approach to clothing and accessories that focuses on reducing negative environmental impact and promoting ethical practices in manufacturing. It involves using eco-friendly materials, implementing energy-efficient production processes, and ensuring fair labor practices. Sustainable fashion aims to create high-quality, durable items that have a minimal ecological footprint.

Q: How does sustainable fashion differ from fast fashion?
A: Fast fashion is characterized by rapid production of cheap, trendy clothing, often resulting in environmental harm and questionable labor practices. Sustainable fashion counters this by prioritizing longevity, ethical production, and minimal environmental impact. It values quality over quantity and is focused on timeless designs and durability rather than rapidly changing trends.

Q: Why is sustainable fashion important?
A: Sustainable fashion is vital for reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact, which includes water pollution, textile waste, and high carbon emissions. It also addresses ethical issues like workers' rights and animal welfare. By choosing sustainable fashion, consumers can help drive the industry towards more environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

Q: How can I identify sustainable fashion brands?
A: Look for brands that transparently share their production processes, source eco-friendly materials, and have certifications from recognized sustainable and ethical organizations. Research their labor practices to ensure they follow fair trade principles. Many sustainable brands also engage in practices like using renewable energy, minimizing waste, and supporting local communities.

Q: Can sustainable fashion be stylish and affordable?
A: Absolutely! Sustainable fashion has evolved to include a wide range of styles, catering to diverse tastes. Many designers are now creating fashionable, sustainable pieces that are both attractive and affordable. While some items may have a higher upfront cost, their durability and timelessness offer long-term value, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.