About Stride

Who We Are

Founded in 2019, Stride is Australia's go-to destination for sustainable fashion & beauty in Australia. 

With ranges catering for women, men and non-binary folk, we have something for everyone. Our store stocks over 100 Australian brands and 3,000+ products. Our aim is for Stride to be inclusive in EVERY possible way - regardless of gender, age, location, etc.

Stride started with just 29 brands, but has added over 70 new brands in the last three years. We are so humbled to work with a variety of talented brands that continue to inspire us with their creativity and innovation!

Our mission is to help Australians shop better; not perfect - because nobody is the perfect consumer and perfection is the enemy of. Celebrate all the good things you do and don't beat yourself up on the negatives.

Try your best to be a better consumer today - because small changes made by millions of Australians WILL result in a national impact.

Why We Exist

Stride was founded as an alternative to fast fashion in Australia - ASOS, The Iconic and other retailers make it very convenient for Aussies to shop fast fashion brands...

But where was the solution for brands who care about people and our planet? Where could Aussies shop those conscious brands?

This is why we brought all of the best sustainable fashion & skincare brands under the one roof. At Stride, you can find the best products that also align with your values. Every collection page has a filters section that allows you to filter by each our six core values.

Every time you make a purchase, you are casting a vote for the world you desire. When you shop at Stride, you're casting a vote for a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

So, what will you be voting for today?

Get In Touch

We'd be happy to answer any of your questions - please email help@stridestore.com.au.

No question is off-limits and he'd be happy to help in any way he can! You may be able to find answer to your question in our FAQs.

Thanks for reading and we hope you love Stride!