The Best Australian Made
Clothes Brands

Did you know that the Australian fashion industry generates an astounding $21 billion annually? Despite this, international companies are increasingly competing with local brands. This makes it all the more important to support Australian made clothing brands.

Choosing clothing made in Australia can help establish a more linear economy within the country. When Australian consumers purchase from local designers, they create more work opportunities for manufacturers and the local workforce. By doing so, we can all contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Australian fashion industry.

Is Australian Made Fashion More Expensive?

There's a common misconception that Australian-made fashion is always more expensive than its international counterparts. However, this isn't always the case.

Research has shown that prices for Australian made clothing are comparable to those of imported clothing. In fact, a study conducted by the Australian Fashion Council found that only 7% of Australian-made clothing was priced significantly higher than imported clothing.Furthermore, supporting Australian made fashion can actually be a more sustainable and cost-effective choice in the long run.

Investing in high-quality, locally-made clothing means that you won't have to constantly replace items due to poor quality or wear and tear. Fast fashion thrives on your clothes 'expiring' so that you need to buy them again. And again. 

So, don't let the myth of Australian-made fashion being more expensive hold you back. By choosing to support local brands, you can make a positive impact on the environment and the Australian fashion industry without breaking the bank.

1. Tasi Travels

Tasi Travels is an Australian fashion brand that creates ethical, handcrafted collections inspired by the natural beauty of the Noosa Hinterland. Their pieces are slow and sustainable, made to last and love for years to come.

In 2017, the founder of Tasi Travels and her family made the decision to leave their city life behind and start a new chapter living on a small, sustainable farm in south-eastern Queensland, Australia. With nearly twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, the founder knew all too well the negative impacts of fast fashion. She was inspired to rejoin the fashion world in a way that contributed to positive change in the industry.

At Tasi Travels, the ethos is to create beautiful, timeless clothing that never comes at the expense of the world and its people. The brand is committed to constantly learning, growing, and evolving so their practices are as environmentally friendly as possible. Discover breathtaking dresses, pants, tops and much more today!

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2. High Tees

High Tees is a t-shirt company created by Jess, a business consultant who wanted to rediscover her love for creativity. She began with a basic t-shirt company, but soon realized she needed to make the shirts unique, original, sustainable and of high quality. Jess went back to her roots in drawing and created a graphic style that suits the medium and the subject matter.

High Tees focuses on Australian icons who have made significant contributions to our culture. Jess spends time researching each person, celebrating who they are and what they stand for. High Tees offers a chance for wearers to make a statement with their clothing, featuring unique and eye-catching designs.

Their signature tees are made from 100% organic cotton and are traceable, so you can feel good about your purchase. The clothing range caters to a variety of body types, with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. Some of the legends they print include Steve Irwin, John Farnham, and Olivia Newton-John, among others. Shop now and show your support for one of the best sustainable clothing brands in Melbourne!

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3. Lazy Girl Lingerie

Lazy Girl Lingerie is an Australian brand that offers a range of sustainable and ethical lingerie. The brand believes in producing lingerie that is not only comfortable and stylish but also has a low environmental impact.

Their collection features a variety of styles, including bras, underwear, bodysuits, and more. All their products are made using high-quality fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and silk. They use local suppliers and work with small-scale manufacturers to ensure ethical and sustainable production.

If you're looking for comfortable, stylish, and sustainable lingerie, Lazy Girl Lingerie is the perfect brand for you. Shop their collection today and indulge in lingerie that looks and feels good.

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4. Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun is an eco-conscious fashion brand that creates sustainable clothing for women. Their clothing is designed to be worn for life and adapt to a woman's changing body, making them perfect for mothers-to-be, new mothers, and all women. The brand's founder personally designs and tests each piece to ensure that it fits women of all shapes and sizes.

Luna + Sun is committed to putting people and the planet first, and this is reflected in their transparent and ethical values. They are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia and work to empower women in the garment industry. By wearing Luna + Sun, you're supporting a small, female-led business that is committed to making a positive impact.

In addition to providing sustainable clothing, Luna + Sun also fosters a community of like-minded women who support and uplift each other. When you wear Luna + Sun, you're not just wearing clothing; you're stepping into a community of wonderful women who share your values.

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5. Genkstasy

Genkstasy is a multi-gendered fashion label that designs inclusive clothing for all body types on the gender spectrum. They prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, using eco-friendly fabrics and creating custom pieces tailored to individual body types. With over a decade of design experience, Genkstasy focuses on bringing joy, color, and connectedness into people's lives through their clothing.

Their transparency and community involvement are essential to them, and they provide information about the production process, fabrics, and suppliers. Genkstasy sources all their fabrics from trusted Australian suppliers, including OCC Apparel, Salvage, Kusaga Athletic, and Ferns Textiles.

Their one-room studio in rural northern NSW is powered by 100% solar energy and 100% gathered rainwater. Genkstasy saves all off-cuts from their designs to use in other smaller items, and all unusable waste is composted on the farm. They aim to set a standard for sustainable and ethical fashion that you can trust. They have pre-made pieces available for purchase in their shop, and they also specialize in custom-order pieces.

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6. Chasing Springtime

Chasing Springtime is a plus size fashion brand with a vision for all women to choose clothes that express their personality and bring them joy, regardless of their size. Belinda Allison, the founder, noticed a lack of well-designed and well-fitted clothing for plus size women, and decided to create her own line.

Chasing Springtime offers regular-looking clothes in plus sizes, such as plus size work clothes that are professional and stylish, indie prints and colorful fabric designs specially cut for curvy bodies, elegant blouses, and colorful tops in natural fibers, like cotton and linen, and comfortable pants designed to fit different body shapes.

All of Chasing Springtime's garments are made ethically in Australia, with a focus on slow fashion and small runs of high-quality clothing. By shopping with Chasing Springtime, you're not only supporting a small business, but you're also supporting Australian-made clothing that is designed with the unique needs of plus size women in mind.

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7. Tluxe

Tluxe is an Australian-made women's clothing brand that offers a range of 100% organic clothing. Their range of tops, dresses, culottes, and singlets are all made in Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certified factories in Sydney. This certification verifies that their supply chain is legal and fair, making it the gold standard of ethical production.

Tluxe was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Powell, who has over 30 years of experience working with established Australian and international brands. They care about the environment, support local industry, and work with organic and sustainable fabrics. Their garments are designed to last and are built for layering, making them easy to wear across different seasons.

Tluxe has won several awards for sustainable fashion design and is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum. They maintain high-quality standards by working with a small number of select partner factories, building lasting partnerships. They believe in mindful waste management and use their off-cuts for trims, pockets, and kids' clothing. The bags they use to protect and deliver their garments are fully compostable and biodegradable.

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Wrapping Up

This just a taste of the many Australian made clothes brands that we stock - you can also discover leading labels like Watermark Swimwear, Devina Louise, BJ's PJ's, Lionel The Label and many more today!

Australia is blessed with plenty of talented designers and there are reliable manufacturers too. Check out this directory of Australian ethical clothing manufacturers for more info. Some of the brands mentioned, such as Tluxe, already use these listed  factories. A lot of these brands also focus on being cruelty-free and you can read more about our best vegan fashion brands.

So, which new Australian made clothing brand will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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