Best Ethical Men’s Clothing
Brands In Australia

Are you looking for ethical and sustainable clothing? Our top picks for the best ethical men's clothing brands in Australia can help.

These brands use eco-friendly materials, pay fair wages to workers, and reduce their environmental impact. They make stylish and functional clothing that looks good and feels good to wear. And by choosing them, you can help support ethical business practices and protect the planet.

Does The Current Industry Serve Men?

Sustainable fashion has mainly focused on women, which can make men feel left out. But this is changing. Men are showing more interest in sustainable and ethical fashion.

In the past, some men felt like sustainable fashion was only for women, and they didn't want to look feminine. But now, brands are making sustainable clothes just for men. These brands are making it easy and enjoyable for men to shop sustainably, and more men are getting interested in sustainable fashion.

Men want to make positive impacts on the environment, and sustainable fashion is a great way to do it. By supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and ethics, men can play an important role in creating a fair and sustainable fashion industry.

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Kenny Franks

#1. Kenny Franks

If you're looking for stylish and sustainable streetwear, look no further than Kenny Franks. As one of the youngest brands on our list, they've quickly made a name for themselves in the ethical men's clothing market in Australia.

Their entire range is made from 100% organic cotton and produced in Fair Trade certified factories, making them a top choice for those looking for ethical and sustainable clothing. The brand has a minimalist design philosophy that results in clothes that are versatile and easily matched with other outfits. Their collection of tees, jumpers, and charity promo products offer an urban and cultured touch to the organic men's clothing market.

We love Kenny Franks and think they're an emerging brand to keep an eye on. Discover their range today and add some eco-friendly streetwear to your wardrobe today!

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#2. Dorsu

Dorsu is the ultimate transeasonal brand with both women's and men's options. Their men's range offers a variety of styles and colours, making it easy to find wardrobe staples that match your personal taste.

And the best part? They're made sustainably and ethically in Cambodia, using remnants from the garment industry to reduce waste. Not only does Dorsu prioritize quality and resourcefulness in their design process, they also prioritize worker rights and safety, providing an alternative to the harsh conditions of traditional garment factories.

We adore Dorsu's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Give your wardrobe an ethical upgrade with Dorsu's versatile and sustainable designs.

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#3. WPN

WPN believes in inspiring and motivating people to improve their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally, creating a positive ripple effect around the world. They are not just a maker of great athletic apparel; their goal is to reset social norms by encouraging people to speak openly about their emotional and mental challenges.

Every dollar spent with WPN supports community well-being events called WPN & SORA Sessions, where participants learn about preventative measures for mental challenges, how to sustain a well-balanced life, and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

WPN stands for ethical men's activewear with a conscience - you can sweat with the peace of mind knowing that your clothing is sweatshop free and supporting your community!

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#4. The Road

This brand is committed to doing things differently, sourcing Fair Trade cotton and using eco-friendly production processes for their garments.

They offer a great range of basics - such as tops, singlets, and underwear, making them a great choice for anyone looking to build a sustainable wardrobe from the ground up. The products are ethically produced, ensuring that workers have access to personal safety equipment, medical needs, and retirement and pension funds.

Additionally, the brand is GOTS certified, ensuring that all of their textiles are environmentally and socially responsible from the harvesting of the raw materials to the labelling. For wardrobe basics that will last for years, look no further than The Road!

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The Road

#5. Etiko

Etiko is a sustainable fashion brand that caters to the eco-conscious male shopper in Australia. Since 2005, they have been creating ethically-made clothing and footwear that align with their mission to create a more sustainable and fair fashion industry.

Etiko's men's range is made with Fairtrade certified organic cotton, ensuring that farmers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. They also use natural rubber from FSC certified forests, making their rubber sustainably sourced and responsibly managed. Transparency and fairness are key values for Etiko, and they work with suppliers who share these values and are committed to ethical production practices.

Etiko's dedication to ethical production and sustainability has earned them recognition, including being named one of the top 10 ethical clothing brands in Australia by Good On You.

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#6. DESTii

Are you on the hunt for sustainable clothing that won't go out of style? Look no further than DESTii! This eco-friendly brand is committed to creating timeless pieces that can be worn anywhere.

Using sustainable linen instead of water-intensive cotton, they're doing their part to reduce waste and save the planet. But their commitment to the environment doesn't stop there. They've eliminated plastic from their packaging and donate a portion of sales to The Great Ocean Cleanup. Plus, their clothes are made to last, ensuring that you won't have to replace them every season.

They also partner with SeaTrees to offset their carbon emissions and plant a mangrove tree for every product sold. So why not do your part and shop with DESTii today?

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Peggy & Finn

#7. Peggy & Finn

Peggy & Finn collaborates with local artists in Victoria to create sustainable and unique prints inspired by the flora of the coastline. They use on-trend colour palettes that reflect the latest trends in weddings and special occasions.

The original designs are used across all their products, allowing customers to match their tie to their undies, socks, or pocket square. They offer a range of accessories made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled timber. All their product packaging is made from recycled cardboard and paper that can be recycled after use.

With BSCI accreditation, they ensure that their bamboo suppliers in China maintain fair working conditions. Shop Peggy & Finn for sustainable and unique accessories that support local communities and the environment.

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#8. Active Apostle

Get ready to elevate your workout game with Active Apostle! This innovative sustainable activewear label is based in Sydney and has something for everyone.

Active Apostle offers sustainable activewear for both men and women made from Econyl - which is created by regenerating discarded materials such as fishing nets and carpet into a fibre identical to virgin nylon. Who knew recycled fishing nets could look so good?

But that's not all! Active Apostle is not only eco-friendly but also committed to ethical fashion. They proudly support Dark Bali, a courageous enterprise aiming to eradicate sex slavery and human trafficking in Bali and Indonesia. So, you can feel great about supporting a brand that cares about the planet and ethical fashion.

Don't miss out on their incredible range of sustainable activewear for both men and women. Shop Active Apostle now and feel good while looking great!

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Active Apostle

Finishing Up

Thanks to leading brands like Kenny Franks, Dorsu, and Etiko, men can now shop for fashionable and eco-friendly clothing that aligns with their values.

We are very confident that you can find something that you love from one of these brands. You can even shop La Enviro for men's and unisex accessories. Their wallets are super popular with the Yamba Slim Wallet & Vegan Leather Wallet always getting lots of attention!

We have everything that you need for the ultimate ethical men's wardrobe at Stride Store! Enjoy FREE shipping from a variety of the best Australian men's brands!

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