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With leading brands such as Team Timbuktu, Active Apostle, Treball Active - you'll find an amazing blend of women's leggings, tops, jackets and much more.

Fun fact: Team Timbuktu's range is made from Econyl. This is an innovative fibre that's made from recycling old fishing nets and carpet into a fabric that's identical to virgin nylon.

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Sustainable activewear comes in many shapes, sizes and styles so that every Australian can wear activewear that aligns with their values. The popular types include leggings, crops, jackets and tank tops.

Whether it be going for a run, pilates or even for a coffee with your friends - we’ve got some of the best Australian activewear available to you!

Like most ethical and sustainable activewear products, there is typically a slight price increase. This is because such brands factor in the true cost, eg a living wage, into the final cost of the price.

There are no hidden costs with eco-friendly activewear. However, sustainable approaches like turning recycled water bottles into jackets are slightly more expensive than less sustainable alternatives, like virgin polyester.

Because your ethical activewear must be sweatshop free so that you can sweat with the peace of mind knowing that your favourite leggings were made fairly.

As consumers, we have the power to vote with the wallet for the world we desire and it’s important that we consume sustainable and ethical activewear that best aligns with your values.

Australia is blessed with many market-leading brands pioneering the sustainable activewear movement. Labels like Team Timbuktu, Pinky & Kamal and Active Apostle are some of our favourite brands!

These brands have everything you need to create the perfect organic activewear wardrobe!

And for ethical men's activewear, we highly recommend WPN

Unfortunately, we do not stock any Australian made activewear at this stage.

We are looking to stock some exciting new Australian made AND sustainable brands in 2022 at Stride.

One of our favourite brands that we’d love to recommend is DK Active - everything is made in Brisbane with a conscious approach to protecting our planet!

What does ‘ethical’ activewear mean?

Ethical activewear tends to encompass both the human and environmental impact that comes with producing your favourite garments. Our motto is that your activewear needs to be sweat-shop free so that you can sweat with peace of mind!

A great way to ensure that your activewear is produced ethically is to look for factory certifications, such as WRAP. This is an independent body that audits manufacturers according to 12 core principles in relation to social compliance. In other words, it’s a gold standard certification  ethical activewear in Australia. For example, WPN & Sora’s range are made in WRAP certified factories.

Human rights abuses also occur in First World countries like Australia, USA and the UK. Workers in Leicester, England were paid less than half the minimum wage and in a hazardous environment. This is important to note because we shouldn’t assume that Australian made automatically equals ethically made. Everybody deserves a fair working environment - regardless of where you live.

Ethical activewear materials you should know about

Sustainable Australian activewear comes in a variety of forms, but we’d like to focus on two innovative materials for a eco-friendly activewear:



First off is Repreve. This is a high quality performance fibre that is made from recycled plastic bottles. It's very common in the sustainable swimwear and activewear industry. Check out Team Timbuktu for a great example of Repreve in action.

Secondly we have Econyl. It’s another innovative and recycled process that regenerates discarded nylon into a material that’s identical to virgin nylon. So think of fishing nets or carpet being turned into the finest ethical activewear! How amazing is that? Shop Active Apostle to see how great Econyl can look!

It’s important to note that most sustainable activewear brands will use some spandex. This is to allow the necessary stretch in the garments needed for exercise. Unfortunately there is no great eco alternative to spandex, but hopefully we can see a sustainable solution ASAP!

What are the benefits of sustainable activewear

One of the core benefits of sustainable activewear is the use of recycled materials - but why is this so important?

This is because it takes the water bottles or carpet that would otherwise pollute our planet and gives it a new life. This new life is in the form of sustainable activewear and not harming our environment for many years to come. These recycled activewear materials are becoming more and more popular amongst, thus resulting in more consumers being exposed to sustainable activewear materials.

There are also a lot of unspoken benefits with Australian ethical activewear. Putting on sportswear that is made fairly and sustainably fills you with a sense of pride before putting it on. Wearing your values is a great way to boost your confidence. After all, when you look good, you feel even better!