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Because gender neutral clothing is defined by 'female' or 'male' fashion, there is a wider variety for creativity.

Brands like Genkstasy specialise in creating non-binary streetwear, whereas brands like Etiko have a different approach. Some of their clothing is classed as 'male' or 'female', but they also offer unisex clothing in the form of jumpers and t-shirts

More and more Australians are embracing their gender identity and there are even more safe spaces for non-binary people. As a result, businesses have started to create products for this community and non-binary fashion is no different.

There are more consumers out there searching for gender neutral options and looking for brands that cater to their needs. We believe this movement is growing every day and we can't wait to see what non-binary fashion looks like in 2030.

There are a multitude of reasons why people buy unisex clothing. One of the most common reasons is that unisex fashion targets a niche of the market that otherwise isn't catered to with 'male' and 'female' options - so non-binary clothing offers a more inclusive option for non-binary people.

The more demand for such products, more androgynous clothing brands and products will appear to serve the demand!

One of Australia's most pioneering non-binary fashion brands is Genkstasy! Formed in 2017, their unisex streetwear is made on a 100% solar powered studio in Northern NSW. Evie, the brand's founder, has over 15 years of design experience and is an inspiration to the non-binary community.

Other leading brands with unisex options include High Tees, True Threads, Etiko and Tricolour Federation.

Genkstasy is currently our only Australian made non-binary brand with all of their products made on a 100% solar powered studio in NSW. Can you tell that we have a crush on them?

If you know any other gender neutral clothing brands that are Australian made, please email your suggestions to

What is gender neutral clothing?

Gender neutral clothing, often also referred to as non-binary or unisex, involves collections of clothes that are not restricted to specific fits and colours that are deemed for ‘women’ or ‘men’. Rather, such fashion is considered to be ‘genderless’ and can fit all body types.

Sometimes these options are blended with other binary collections, but it’s important that such non-binary sections are clearly marked so consumers can find what they’re looking for.

Can anyone wear androgynous clothing?

The short answer is yes, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. Androgynous clothing brands target their products to non-binary people, but the clothing can be worn by everyone.

For example, Genkstasy are a market-leader in the space and they make non-binary streetwear in their solar powered NSW studio. A person who identifies as male may love the Marty’s Fly Fishas pants. Inclusivity goes both ways and this man should be encouraged to buy them. It’s actually a great way for binary people to learn more about non-binary brands, businesses and people.

It’s up to all of us to support gender neutral clothes in Australia so that every Australian can find clothing options that are made for them. Alternatively, these people will feel isolated in the fashion industry and this shouldn't be the case in our progressive society.

Why is it important to have androgynous clothing sections?

Imagine if you identified as a female and walked into a men’s store - would you feel like the clothes in the store were for you? Probably not. This is a common struggle for non-binary people who can’t find fashion that’s made for them. Mainstream fashion, although improving every year, still has a lot of work to do in the space.

It’s vital that when a customer visits a store, in person or online, that they can see a section that resonates with their identity. This is why Stride has had a non-binary section since day one. We want every visitor to feel accepted and not have to compromise their identity to look stylish.

Also, unisex clothing sections help to kickstart conversations amongst people who otherwise might not be exposed to it. They might start asking questions to their friends, Googling what non-binary means and even trying on a few gender neutral options. Every step forward is progress and a small change can have a great ripple effect.

Can you imagine the social impact if Myer added a non-binary section to their stores? We hope that this happens soon so we can measure the benefits!