Men's Sustainable Activewear


Are you looking for the bestĀ sustainable activewear for men in Australia?

Whether it be at the gym, on the track, or even chillingĀ at home - we have a wide variety to help you find the ethical alternative.

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Fun fact: Active Apostle'sĀ eco friendly gym clothesĀ are made from Econyl. It's an innovative fibre that regenerates fishing nets and carpet into a fabric identical to virgin nylon.

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Our sustainable activewear range for men comes in a variety of styles and sizes for all activities!

Discover new training tops, shorts that can be worn out or to the gym, and even some hats to complete your athleisure look. Our sizes start at a small and go up to a 2XL (depending on the brand).

Ethical men's activewear brands take a more conscious approach to manufacturing. These brands scrutinize potential manufacturers to ensure that they also align with their ethical activewear.

For example, all of WPN's activewear is made in a WRAP certified factory. This certification ensures that the products were made in a safe, legal and ethical way. As a result, this can then lead to increase cost price which is then reflected in the RRP.

Gone are the days when there were no men's sustainable activewear brands - you don't have to compromise your values when going for a run!

By wearing eco-friendly activewear, you are actively voting with your wallet to show the fashion industry that men also want sustainable activewear! This vote will also influence less sustainable activewear brands to rethink their strategy to better align with that Australian men actually want.

We highly recommend checking out Active Apostle and WPN.

Active Apostle specialise in using an innovative material called Econyl (recycled nylon like carpet) to create the ultimate performance activewear. Recycled activewear never looked so good and they also have a women's range.

Alternatively, WPN focus on creating ethical men's activewear that blurs the lines with streetwear. Their range is designed to be made to the gym, or on a casual day out. Lastly, WPN is also passionate about men's mental health and frequently runs workshops for men.