Every product with the vegan core value has exemplified that the entire supply chain is cruelty-free; no animal products, no animals were harmed, and no animal testing. We've verified this with each brand to verify that our range is proudly vegan.

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There are a variety of materials that we stock in our vegan fashion range:

✅ Organic cotton

✅ Linen

✅ Econyl

✅ Bamboo lyocell

Some of our leading Australian vegan brands are Ettitude, Time IV Change, Etiko and La Enviro.

Compared to accessories, such as vegan watches, there are a plethora of vegan options for vegan dresses, shirts, jumpers, etc. Therefore, the pricing for vegan clothing is typically not directly impacted by any vegan efforts.

Overall, any extra costs for vegan clothing brands in Australia will likely be linked to environmental practices - such as choosing organic or recycled materials.

We highly recommend that consumers vote with their wallet for the world they desire.

This is why it’s important that we continue to show the brands we love, and the broader industry, that consumers prefer vegan clothing options.

The future is vegan and there’s reason why businesses are continuing to invest in vegan alternatives like Piñatex. This is where pineapple leaves are regenerated into a material used for watch bands.

With over 2,000 vegan products available, it’s hard to shortlist! 

So here are some vegan clothing brands that you may not have heard of just yet:


Tricolour Federation

Cloth & Co

Luna + Sun

Kenny Franks

We have a variety of vegan options that are Australian made, as well as produced overseas.

In order to find Australian made clothing, please filter your search by ‘Australian made’ or keep your eyes peeled for the blue ‘Australian made’ icon on eligible products.

One of our favourite vegan + Australian made clothing brands is Devina Louise. Be sure to browse their range of vegan dresses, tops, pants and more today!