Best Sustainable Dress Brands in Australia

In a world filled with fast fashion and harmful practices, it's important to make conscious choices and promote ethical and sustainable fashion. That's why we've put together a list of dress brands from Australia that focus on ethics, sustainability, and timeless designs.

Whether you're looking for ethical dresses, sustainable and Australian-made options, recycled/upcycled dresses, plus-size maxi dresses, or summer dresses, these brands offer a wide variety of choices for those who take pride in outfit repeating.

Picking Your Dress Style

Experience the epitome of style and versatility with a wide selection of dress types that cater to every individual. From the timeless elegance of the A-line dress to the figure-hugging allure of the bodycon dress, and from the versatile charm of the wrap dress to the sleek sophistication of the sheath dress, there's something to suit every taste.

Embrace inclusivity and celebrate all body sizes with stylish plus size dresses that flatter and empower. If supporting local craftsmanship is important to you, explore the beauty of Australian-made dresses that showcase the creativity and talent of local designers. With such a diverse range of options, you can confidently express your unique fashion sense while staying true to your values.

Step into a world of fashion possibilities and let your style shine through with these fabulous dress types.

Australian Ethical Dress Brands

In a world filled with fast fashion and harmful practices, it's important to make conscious choices and promote ethical and sustainable fashion. That's why we've put together a list of dress brands from Australia that focus on ethics, sustainability, and timeless designs.


1. Devoi

Hailing from Melbourne, Devoi champions slow fashion with unique, colourful dresses. They're committed to zero waste and design dresses for all seasons. If you want to stand out and support sustainability, it's time to explore Devoi's range of long-lasting, eco-friendly pieces.


2. Tasi Travels

Tasi Travels curates ethical, handcrafted dresses inspired by Noosa Hinterland's allure. Born from a desire to counteract fast fashion's impact, this brand, founded by a fashion veteran, balances timeless aesthetics with eco-friendly practices. Opt for Tasi Travels to add durable, sustainable beauty to your collection.

Tasi Travels

3. Dorsu

Dorsu is an Aussie-Cambodian gem, pioneering in sustainable fashion. Using leftover materials from Cambodia's textile industry, they create stylish, long-lasting dresses. This women-led brand ensures fair working conditions. Choose Dorsu to enhance your wardrobe while supporting a greener, more equitable fashion industry.


4. Hope & Harvest

Hope & Harvest is a trailblazer in stylish, sustainable plus-size dresses. As a pioneer in plus-size fashion, this Australian brand makes chic and durable dresses for everyone. Want to look good and feel great? Check out Hope & Harvest's plus-size clothing and dresses!

Hope & Harvest
Wilga Clothing

5. Wilga Clothing

Wilga Clothing from Melbourne has been making eco-friendly dresses since 2004. Using materials like tencel, linen, and organic cotton, they create unique dresses that can be styled up or down. Made to order, their approach reduces waste and excess. Choose Wilga to add lasting, stylish pieces to your wardrobe.


6. Donnah

Hailing from the West Coast, Donnah offers stylish, eco-friendly dresses for the conscious woman. Fed up with fast fashion? They use natural fibres for long-lasting, low-impact clothing. With non-toxic dyes and ethical production, this brand prioritizes both planet and people. Their hand-made dresses become even more beautiful over time. Discover the difference of Donnah's sustainable, ethical dresses today.

Luna + Sun

7. Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun is more than an ethical clothing brand; it's a community for inspiring, like-minded women. This Aussie label designs adaptable, sustainable fashion for women at all stages of motherhood. Luna + Sun's range of dresses supports the female body's changes while prioritizing ethical values. Embrace your journey with Luna + Sun's sustainable, motherhood-friendly dresses.


Finishing Up

In conclusion, sustainable activewear is an essential step towards a better future for the planet and its inhabitants. By choosing eco-friendly brands, we not only contribute to reducing waste and carbon footprint but also support ethical and fair fashion practices.

The five Australian brands featured in this article offer high-quality, stylish, and sustainable activewear that caters to different needs and tastes. From handmade natural fabrics to innovative recycled materials, these brands showcase the diversity and creativity of the Australian sustainable fashion industry. While we've highlighted these five brands, there are many other notable exclusions like Sora and Remi Lane.

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Which new activewear brand will you be shopping today?

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What Are The Different Dress Styles?

A-line Dress: Embrace the timeless elegance of the A-line dress, designed to highlight your feminine silhouette. Fitted at the top and gracefully flaring out in an "A" shape from the waist to the hem, this dress style offers a flattering and sophisticated look for any occasion.

Sheath Dress: Show off your curves in a sleek and form-fitting sheath dress. Falling at or below the knee, this dress style exudes confidence and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for formal events where you want to make a statement.

Wrap Dress: Experience the versatility and figure-flattering magic of the wrap dress. With its front closure that wraps one side of the dress across the other and ties at the waist, this style effortlessly enhances your natural shape while adding a touch of elegance and charm.

Shift Dress: Embrace effortless style with the loose and relaxed fit of a shift dress. Hanging straight down from the shoulders without a defined waistline, this dress offers a sense of simplicity and ease. Perfect for casual outings or dressing up with accessories for a chic look.

Shirt Dress: Combine casual and polished elements with the fashion-forward shirt dress. Inspired by men's shirts, this dress features a collared neckline, a button-down front, and a self-tie belt to cinch the waist. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a stylish blend of comfort and sophistication.

Fit and Flare Dress: Get ready to twirl in a fit and flare dress that accentuates your feminine curves. Fitted at the top and flaring out from the waist, this style creates an enviable hourglass silhouette. Versatile and flattering for various body shapes, it's a go-to option for both casual and dressy occasions.

Maxi Dress: Make a statement with a floor-length maxi dress that exudes relaxed elegance. With its flowing and effortless look, this dress style offers comfort and style combined. Often associated with bohemian or summery aesthetics, it's perfect for embracing a carefree and trendy vibe.

Cocktail Dress: Steal the spotlight in a knee-length cocktail dress designed for semi-formal and cocktail events. These dresses showcase elegance and sophistication, allowing you to shine at special occasions. With a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from, you can find the perfect dress that suits your personal taste.

Bodycon Dress: Embrace your curves with confidence in a bodycon dress that accentuates your figure. Made from stretchy materials, this dress style hugs your body's contours, highlighting your natural curves for a flattering and body-conscious look. Perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

Empire Waist Dress: Channel your inner romantic with an empire waist dress that adds a touch of ethereal charm. Featuring a high waistline that sits just below the bust and a flowing skirt, this dress style creates a graceful and dreamy silhouette. Ideal for occasions where you want to exude femininity and elegance.

Now that you're familiar with these fabulous dress styles, you can choose the perfect one to flatter your figure and express your personal style. So, get ready to rock your fashion game with confidence and embrace the versatility and beauty of these stunning dress styles.