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What Makes a dress ethical or sustainable?

There are a variety of factors that influence if a dress is sustainable and/or ethically made.

The first thing to analyse is the materials. Is it made from a natural fibre? Is it recycled? Is this material biodegradable? The best fabrics for sustainable dresses include organic cotton, linen, hemp and tencel. It's also important to evaluate the broader eco-friendly initiatives of the brand. Look out for things like compostable satchels and how their overall waste management strategies.

The gold standard for ethical certifications is Fair Trade, but there are many other independent bodies, like WRAP, that also audit manufacturers. A similar version of this locally is Ethical Clothing Australia.

Keep an eye out for such certifications for trusted and verified proof of ethical practices. Not every brand discloses where and how their products are made, so you may have to email them asking for more information. Most brands love chatting to their customers, so don't be shy to ask any questions!

What are the Best sustainable fabrics for dresses?

Due to the advancements in slow fashion, you have plenty of materials to choose from for your next sustainable dress. Some popular choices include linen, organic cotton, tencel and even recycled fabrics. No fabric is definitively better than the other as they all have environmental benefits.

Another eco-friendly option is to shop dresses at your local op shop. Although the dress may be made from sustainable materials, you are giving the dress a second life and preventing it from potentially going to landfill. Shopping secondhand is also a very affordable strategy too!


There are a variety of ways that brands create eco-friendly dresses for you to flaunt in style.

Discover a variety of midi dresses, fit & flare dresses, bodycon dresses, off the shoulder dresses and a whole lot more.

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Ethical dresses in Australia can cost anywhere between $60-$250. The factors that influence this are where it's made, what materials are used and the overall market position of the brand.

Dorsu offer more affordable dresses, whereas Terra offers more luxurious options.

You don't need to look overseas for the finest sustainable dresses. Leading brands like The Road, Hope & Harvest, Tasi Travels and plenty more!

By supporting Australian dress brands, we can all play our part in growing the wider sustainable fashion industry in Australia.

We stock over 100 dressses made in Australia in a variety of styles. Be sure to filter your search for 'Australian made' to find them all!

Alternatively, you can filter your search for ethically made dresses by vendor - look out for Pt Nemo, Cousin Billie and Isle Of Summer.