Best Men's Sustainable Activewear

In Australia, it can be a real challenge for men to find great activewear that is also kind to the planet.

There's no denying that the sustainable activewear industry is focused on women's products and men are often ignored - making it a hard task to find the best men's sustainable activewear in Australia.

Ethical and sustainable men's activewear brands DO EXIST. We'd love to tell you a bit about them, as well as shortlisting our best-selling top, shorts and tank.

Keep reading to find out more!

1. Active Apostle

Active Apostle is fast becoming one of the best men's activewear brands in Australia. Based in Sydney, it's a popular choice for athletes who love to wear flexible & lightweight fabrics during their workouts.

Every item is made using Econyl. This innovative fabric is crafted from recycling discarded nylon (such as carpet and fishing nets) into a yarn that's nearly identical to virgin nylon. The other strength of Econyl is that it can be recycled and recreated for a new purpose.

All of their products are ethically made in Bali and their factory regularly participates in the #whomademyclothes campaigns.

Create your new active outfit today with new shorts, tanks, tops and more from Active Apostle!

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2. WPN

WPN stands for creating the best ethical activewear with a purpose. All of their men's activewear is made in a WRAP certified factory and this is similar to Fair Trade.

This certification verifies that the factory follows all laws, workers are treated fairly and commitment to minimising their environmental impact. These are fundamental human rights that we all deserve and something that we can take for granted here in Australia - but we are still far from perfect!

WPN is perfect for men who love technical sportswear that effortlessly transitions to everyday life - wear it to the gym or out for a coffee. We believe that it is one of the best men's athleisure brands for males who love stylish activewear.

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3. Best Men's Activewear Top

If you like your workout tops to be breathable, lightweight and quick drying, then look no further because you've found the Men's Activate Tee. Available in five different colours, it is a staple in our men's activewear range with Devil (black) being the most popular choice!

Grab your Activate Tee today and smash your fitness goals.

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4. Best Men's Activewear Shorts

With over four years of research and tested by over 500 athletes, it's no wonder that our Element Shorts are flying off the shelves!

These shorts have the perfect balance of fabrics, measurements and construction to create the perfect fit around your waist. The elastic waistband gives you amble flexibility and the strategic cut of the shorts gives you a full range of motion.

We highly recommend these if you're looking for a reliable all rounder that matches any athletic outfit!

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5. Best Men's Activewear Tank

It's time to get the guns out and nothing compares to the full mobility that you get from a tank. It's perfect for those upper body workouts where you want nothing getting in your way or hurting your form.

This style is a modern take on the tank look with a stylish cut and soft wrap around the body. Also available in five colours, there are so many styles to choose from to create your next gym outfit.

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Finishing Up

Men's sustainable activewear is growing rapidly in Australia and we expect to see even more brands launching in the future!

Active Apostle and WPN are the trailblazers and we absolutely adore everything they stand for. They're living proof that the best brands can operate with purpose and still be successful!

Which new men's activewear brand will you be shopping today?

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