2021 Guide: How to Efficiently Shop for a Sustainable Closet

No matter how hard you try to save up, there will surely come a time when you finally need to update your closet. When it comes to this, having an ethical and sustainable wardrobe can be your best bet

This means that opting for Melbourne based brands that you can use in the long run will help save the environment and uphold sustainable fashion and beauty!

When you're looking to shop, you must take a few key steps as a highly responsible, critical, and conscious consumer. Keep on reading to find out our guide to shopping for a sustainable closet!

1. Set your budget first

There's no doubt that most shoppers are impulsive buyers. It's easy to see people usually spend first and count their expenses later on. However, the rule of thumb in shopping is to set your budget and stick to it during the actual shopping.

You don't necessarily have to be very specific with the amounts of your products. Yet, your allocated limit will serve as your guide as you search for the best closet. 

sustainable clothing australia

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2. Come up with a shopping list

It's a wise move to make a shopping list before taking the plunge. While you're at it, be sure to do your research to have estimates of all those items on your list.

The first thing to do is take a peek at your closet and see what you're missing. Jot down all that you need, set aside your budget for each item. If you have extra money to spare, only then should you include other not-so-important things.

Whether it’s ethical clothing or sustainable watches in Australia, you must be highly critical of what you’ll put on your shopping list.

Here at Stride, we offer Australian made, environmentally friendly and fairly made fashion. Whether you're looking for Australian-made apparel, sustainable accessories, or the best skin care products, we've got you covered!

3. Have shopping guidelines to follow

Apart from coming up with a shopping list, it also helps to strictly follow shopping guidelines. Ultimately, it all boils down to what types of products you need to purchase.

With that being said, you should include sustainable products that are supporting local brands, helping save the environment, focusing on inclusion and empowerment, and having a global impact. Also, have an effective shopping process to avoid having a hard time looking for the closet you want and going home with something missing. 

Eco-friendly clothing, skincare and activewear

Eco-friendly clothing, skincare and activewear

4. Buy only what you need and do not splurge

The general rule of thumb in shopping is to purchase only what you need. This means not splurging on things or items that aren't on your shopping list, only to realise that you don’t actually need them.

Sure, you may spend on extra things if you have the financial means. But if you have no extra budget, don't overspend, only to make yourself broke after shopping.


At this point, we've covered our practical guide to shopping for a sustainable closet. As outlined above, all it takes is to set your budget first, come up with a shopping list, have shopping guidelines to follow, buy only what you need, and do not splurge.

With all these key steps, you'll be able to make the right product selection for a sustainable closet! As your go-to store for sustainable fashion and beauty, Stride caters to every woman, man, and non-binary individual in Australia.

If you're looking for 100% Australian labeled products or Melbourne based products, check our wide selection and order now!

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