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Do you go for the staple white tee? Something colourful like an olive? Or a bit of everything?

Thanks to our friends at Dorsu, Tasi Travels, The Road, Third Boi and more, we can offer you hundreds of tees perfect for any occasion. Ethical clothing never looked so good!

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With over 400 options, we have a plethora of sustainable tops to choose from!

Discover casual, wardrobe staples from Dorsu, or something more colourful from Isle Of Summer. We can help you dress up or down!

But what eco-friendly fabrics should you look out for? A lot of fast fashion tops are made from polyester or non-organic cotton. Slow fashion brands will mainly use organic cotton or recycled materials. Other common sustainable materials are Tencel and linen.

Because t-shirts are typically one of the cheaper items in our wardrobe, the extra price of ethical tops tend to stand out more. This is because fast fashion has been able to make tshirts dirt cheap - sometimes lower than $5.

Ethical women's t-shirts cost more because brands audit where and how they are made. This includes the factory, working conditions, staff pay, holidays, etc. As a result, there is an extra, yet fair, production cost that is then passed on to the consumer.

If you don't pay the true price for the garment, then someone else picks up the tab (such as a garment worker).

It's hard to shortlist from so many amazing sustainable top brands, but here are our top 3 for different occasions.

1. Wardrobe staples for women & men - The Road

2. Dress up tees - Devoi

3. Wear an Aussie legend - High Tees

Make sure to filter your search by 'vendor' to shop tops from your favourite Australian brand. We have over 400 options to choose from!

Similar to our vendor filter mentioned above, make sure to filter your search by 'Australian made' to discover our full range of locally made tops.

We want to give a special shoutout to GAAL. Not only are they sustainable, but they might be Australia's most transparent brand! Take their Margot Blouse as an example. Their product descriptions highlight who cut the material, what the buttons are made from and where the top was made.

Ethical brands like GAAL have nothing to hide!