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All of our brands are proudly Australian, but not all of them are Australian made. Every brand with this core value has exemplified that 80% or more of its production is completed in Australia.

Be sure to check out our vast array of Australian made pyjamas, clothing, swimwear, skincare and much more today! A number of Stride brands, such as Luna + Sun, have their Australian made clothing produced in Ethical Clothing Australia certified factories.

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Australian made clothing comes in a variety of different styles - such as tops, pants, jackets, swimwear and many more. Although manufacturing in Australia has reduced recently, there are still a plethora of fashion brands making their clothes in Australia.

For example, Wilga Clothing showcases Australian made shirts, pants, tops and dresses.

Australian made fashion has a higher manufacturing cost, on average, in comparison to an international manufacturer. Therefore, the final retail price reflects the cost to produce the garment.

It’s important to note that not all Australian made products are fairly made. Australia is not immune to workplace violations like wage theft, unsafe working conditions, insufficient leave, etc.

Shopping Australian made apparel is a great way to support local brands and designers. This support helps to keep local brands and manufacturers alive - consumers like yourself have the power to show brands that customers value Australian made fashion.

We highly recommend that you start your search for a local label, and then look overseas if you can’t find what you want.

Some of the leading Australian made fashion brands are:

Tasi Travels



High Tees

Devina Louise

Want to learn more? Read our article now about the best Australian made clothes brands. This article gives a brief bio on each brand so that you can find the perfect Australian made label for you!

You can find a variety of Australian made clothing brands for men thanks to labels like Tasi Travels and BJ’s PJ’s. The former focuses on lightweight travel clothing, whereas the latter is a all about organic sleepwear!

Looking for Australian made work jeans? Shop Tricolour Federation today for the best Australian made denim.

What makes clothing 'Australian made’?

Before we analyse this, it’s important to first to know what it actually means to be ‘Australian made’. The focus is entirely on the production process as opposed to the contents of the product. This means that clothing made in Australia can be made with imported materials (some products also disclose the percentage of ingredients/materials that are Australian). 

Therefore, we can classify Australian made apparel as clothing that is made in Australia - irrespective of the materials used.

For most of us, we think of the Australian Made logo when we think of Australian made clothing and fashion. However, there are a plethora of Australian made clothing brands that aren’t certified by Australian Made. Depending on the annual revenue of the business, the Australian Made certification can cost as little as $300 and as much as $25,000.

Keep an eye out for the Australian Made care label and logo when shopping for the easiest indicator, but our next section will discuss a few ways for how you can gauge if a clothing brand is Australian made.

How to tell if clothing is Australian made

There are a few different ways that you can tell if a brand is Australian made. Try out some of these strategies next time you’re looking for Australian made fashion:

Check the care label - the manufacturing country should be listed on the care label, as well as other important information, such as materials used and how to wash the garment

Certifications - we highly recommend looking for two reliable certifications; Australian Made and Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). Think of ECA as a similar body that audits factories, but with a greater focus on the ethics, legal procedures and overall safety of workers.

Research the brand/website - most brands that are Australian made clearly advertise this across their website or social media profiles. Do a bit of digging and if you can’t find confirmation, then it’s likely that their products are made overseas.

Ask them directly - find their contact email and ask them exactly what you want to know. All brands should embrace transparency and be willing to answer this question. However, please remember to be respectful and note that brands are unlikely to disclose the exact factory used.

Did we miss any tips? Please let us know at and we’ll add your strategy for analysing Australian made clothing.

How to find Australian made clothing

Looking for the best Australian made clothing? You’re on the right website already! We have one of Australia’s largest and eclectic mix of locally produced fashion & skincare products and brands.

If you’re unsure where to start, then please read our article featuring the Top 7 Australian Made Clothes Brands. We preview seven amazing brands and give you insights into what makes each brand special… but we have many more for you to choose from!

On any collection page, use the ‘Australian Made’ filter to exhibit all of the Australian made items in that collection. For example, you can search for ‘dresses’ and then filter your search accordingly to only browse Australian made dresses - as well as other key filters like size, price and vendor. We are passionate about helping you to narrow your search to find the best Australian made shirts, jeans and any other fashion items needed for your wardrobe.