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We've got leading brands like Ettitude, Cloth & Co, Sleepy Dee, and much more.

Whether you're looking for organic cotton pyjamas, Australian made sleepwear, or anything in between, we have everything you need at Stride.

As a slow fashion retailer, not only is our sleepwear eco-friendly, but it's also made fairly. We audit every brand to ensure that we also offer you Australia's finest range of ethical pyjamas.

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There are a variety of ways that brands create eco-friendly sleepwear. Brands like Ettitude use organic bamboo lyocell, whereas Findlay The Label opts for more of a linen/rayon blend.

Both approaches are key to creating organic cotton pyjamas that Australians can sleep peacefully knowing that they’re helping to protect the environment.

Due to the extra scrutiny with suppliers and materials, this results in a slight increase in comparison to fast fashion brands. For example, workers at these factories are paid a living wage, meaning the unit cost per item is more expensive.

Alternatively, a fast fashion brand may work with a cheaper supplier who does not pay a living wage, hence their unit cost is cheaper. These brands also often use harmful, yet cheap fabrics like polyester too.

With so many amazing Australian brands, you don’t need to go international for ethical pyjamas in Australia. Your support of these brands helps them to grow and boost the Australian fashion industry.

Lastly, all your orders are processed from Australia, meaning less carbon miles per delivery!

Four leading ethical sleepwear brands to watch are:



BJ’s PJ’s

Sleepy Dee

You’ll also find sustainable men’s sleepwear from both Ettitude and BJ’s PJ’s.

All of our brands are Australian, however only BJ’s PJ’s and Sleepy Dee offer Australian made pyjamas.

BJ’s PJ’s range is made in Sydney, whilst Sleepy Dee’s range is produced in-house at their Brisbane factory.