3 Reasons To Switch To Australian Made Fashion

When it comes to fashion, voting with your wallet for the world you desire is imperative in changing the industry for the better.

This increasingly fast-paced world has paved the way for instant gratification, which also means that most garments now are made with cheap and alternative materials, making them inexpensive, yet quick to deteriorate.

As the consumerist world spins on a new axis, however, more and more people now recognize the need to purchase for the long-term. The substantial benefits of choosing home-made and home-grown have now taken the world by storm, most especially from the perspective of Australian consumers when it comes to fashion.

Shopping Australian made accelerated during COVID
and we are still seeing Australians continuing to prioritise Australian made fashion.

Simply put, nothing quite comes close to Australian made clothing. Although a rather patriotic tenet, most Australians prefer local products for good reasons - all of which are discussed below:

Reason #1: Australian Made Means Ethically Made 

It’s an open secret that the fashion industry has a murky human rights record, especially when it comes to manufacturing items. Most retailers opt to have products made overseas, as labour is typically cheaper, but not without consequences.

Regions like South America and Asia do not operate under standard working conditions, and factory workers are forced into cheap working environments that make labour both cheap and dangerous.

Australian clothing lines operate on fair working conditions, however, designed carefully to ensure health, safety, and fair wages. An accreditation like the stamp of approval by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is the gold standard in verifying the ethics of a brand’s Australian supply chain.

It must be noted that there are still cases of workplace abuse in First World countries like Australia, so ensure that you’re also vigilant about local manufacturing. Australian made isn't ALWAYS ethically made.

Wilder Wrap Mini Skirt Clay

Reason #2: Quality & Authenticity Are Always Guaranteed

Apart from being ethically made, Australian clothing lines are also given accreditation that guarantees quality and authenticity. Any product bearing the “AM” logo signifies a certification, which means that the product has indeed been made under strict Australian standards.

This is recognised by the Australian Consumer Law, as well as other governing bodies.

Australian consumers know and understand that products bearing the logo are worth purchasing, as such trademarks also ensure that they pass personal standards.

Given the desire for superior quality, consumers are always willing to pay higher for authentic products, especially since they’re guaranteed to last for long periods.

Australian Made

Reason #3: You Gain Better Value For Your Money 

As previously mentioned, Australian consumers are willing to pay higher prices for authentic and quality Australian made products. Although most consumers around the world are driven by price tags, cheaper isn’t always better.

Seeking out the best deal can sometimes lead to ruin, especially since cheap materials lack quality and never last long. Getting more for your dollar should always be the shopping standard, but the idea of prioritising quantity over quality should be dispelled.

Buying the same low quality t-shirt yearly for $15 is actually more expensive than buying a high quality version for $50 that lasts you 5 years. Look at the net value overall - not just a singular transaction.

Australian consumers are willing to pay more, but this is only so because they understand that a single item can last a lifetime. Purchasing Australian made means choosing quality at all times, thereby increasing the demand for better and more sustainable products. 

The Kalani Jumpsuit ~ Turmeric (ECA certified)

Changing Your Lifestyle With Australian Made Products 

When it comes down to it, Australian made products are a testament to a local and self-serving economy.

From sourcing to producing, all products can be made under the commitment to ethics, sustainability, and quality service. As a result, local products are preferred by countless Aussies across the country, and the rest of the world is invited to do the same.

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