4 Best Sustainable Kids Brands

Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to find ethical kids clothing? The slow fashion industry is still maturing for adults, but there's a lag in the market for quality sustainable kids clothing - we're here to help you!

We preview four of Australia's best kids clothing brands with a summary that explains what makes each of them special. Learn more about what materials they use, where it's made and some facts about how each brand practices sustainability.

Whether you're looking for baby clothing or a new dress for a teenager, you'll be sure to find something great below! Be sure to browse our full kids clothing range if you want to shop even more kids fashion at Stride.

Why Buy Sustainable Kids Clothing?

Nelson Henderson once said that “the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit". This same logic can be applied to eco-friendly kids clothing. The cynic might argue that they'll grow out of them soon, but the reality is that the impact can be far greater on kids.

It's the responsibility of older generations to preserve our planet. Just like our parents did. So don't today's kids deserve the same future?

Choosing sustainable fashion for your kids not only reduces their impact on our planet, but it's also an early way to teach them the value of making sustainable lifestyle choices. It can help to inspire self-reflection about their consumption.

Sustainable kids clothing can act as a ripple effect to entrench sustainable values into our kids that later extend far beyond their wardrobe. Therefore, it's vital that parents and guardians entrench these values in their kids from an early age so that 'sustainability' and 'fashion' become synonymous with each other.

1. Five O' Six

Discover the cutest range of eco-friendly baby clothes from the pioneers at Five O' Six. Everything is made using GOTS certified organic cotton to ensure that the clothing is just as kind to your baby's skin and our planet.

The designs are made to be extremely versatile. You can dress them up for a birthday, or for a lazy Sunday on the couch. When they grow up so fast, it's vital that each garment can be worn as many times as possible! 

Shop a variety of boys & girls options from one of the best kids clothing brands in Australia. Find tops, leggings, jumpers and whole lot more from Five O' Six!

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Five O' Six

2. Oobi 

Oobi is the oldest brand in our preview with over 20 years of experience in crafting ethical kids clothes. Their motto is "let them be little" and they want this message of fun, innocence and exploration to be reflected in their designs... but you don't have to be 'young' to be 'little', so don't forget to embrace your inner child!

Oobi's cottons are printed by local Japiur artisans who use screen printing and rotary techniques, as well as vegetable dyes in some garments. This process is vital in protecting our environment and this is complimented by the fact that they use low impact non-toxic dyes in all of their kids clothes.

They have a very wide range of options for girls and boys, as well as some very cute Mum & Me outfits. Discover their full range dresses, pyjamas, tops, beanies and more!

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3. Hendrik Clothing Company

Now this brand is for the kids who may already be taller than some of us! Hendrik Clothing Company is for tweens & teens in between kids and adult sizes. Find the right size for your teenager today!

They specialise in creating eco luxe linen styles that are just as stylish as they are sustainable. One of the best things about linen is that it's biodegradable. Unlike polyester which can last up to 200 years, linen can decompose in two weeks depending on the weight and conditions.

Last, but not least, is that everything is made at their seaside Sunshine Coast studio! Australian made kids clothing can be tough to find, but we think that you'll strike gold with Hendrik Clothing Company. Browse their range today!

PS. This brand also fits petite women too!

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4. Léon & Bird

Organic and ethical kidswear that's filled with plenty of colour and imagination! That's what you can expect from their delightful range of rompers for boys and girls. These are rompers with personality and there's a special Sprinkle Gallery collection for the future astronauts.

Similar to Five O' Six, they use GOTS certified organic cotton. Why is this so important? Because it means that the cotton is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and any other toxic chemicals. This is critical for soil fertility health and maintaining the local environment. This is one reason why organic cotton is one of the most common fabrics for sustainable kids clothing.

Their sizing is based by age and start at 6-12 months and goes up to 24-36 months. Shop their full range today to discover Australia's favourite hop-in romper today!

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Finishing Up

We hope this helped to narrow down your search, as well as helping you to learn more about the key features of sustainable kids clothing brands.

However, we have more than just four brands at Stride for you to shop kids fashion. Be sure to browse:

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