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You've probably heard of the #whomademyclothes movement.

Inspired by Fashion Revoltution, this is where millions of consumers around the world demand transparency from brands in knowing who made their clothes.

We can't fight for these workers if we don't know who they are.

But why don't we start keeping our favourite influencers accountable too?

It's about time that consumers started to become a positive influence on influencers.

In the same way brands serve their needs of their customers, influencers serve the interests of their audience through amazing content.

And no influencer can have a successful career if they disregard the thoughts of the audience.

This is why we've decided to create a world-first template that you can ask your favourite influencers about who is making the clothes that they're endorsing.

Inspired by #whomademyclothes, our influencer inspired version is #whomadeyourclothes.

Check out the template below!

Influencer Template - #whomadeyourclothes

"Dear (insert influencer name here),

I have been following your content for a while now and I particularly enjoy (say something nice).

However, I've noticed that you are partnering with some brands who have questionable human rights and environmental records.

It is very important to me that what I wear matches my values - and I'm sure that you only want to endorse brands that align with your values too.

Has (insert brand here) shared information with you about #whomadeyourclothes?

It's imperative that brands are held accountable by consumers, like myself, as well as successful influencers like you. Have you asked if their supply chain is ethical and fair? Could you please share this information with me?

Thank you so much for reading this and I would really appreciate your reply - together, we can help change the fashion industry for the better!

For more information, please check out Fashion Revolution and their #whomademyclothes movement."

Be Respectful

We can't berate influencers into changing their ways.

Ensure that your messages are respectful and educational to the point where influencers feel compelled to change their ways for the better - because knowledge is power!

Ask them questions and raise awareness on issues they may have never thought about. Just because they are endorsing a fast fashion brand doesn't mean that they are bad people.

Imagine the change we can mobilise if consumers AND influencers are asking poignant questions to brands... it can only lead to positive change!


Use our handy template to easily email all of your favourite influencers!

Please feel free to use this template as much as possible, as well as sharing it with your friends.

Become a positive influence to your favourite influencers so that you can be the change that you wish to see in the world!

Fighting fast fashion is a holistic approach -  from consumers, to brands, and now influencers.

Which influencer will  you be emailing today?

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