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Everyone deserves to wear ethical clothing that aligns with their values, regardless of their size. This is why we are immensely proud to team up with leading brands like Hope & Harvest, Isle of Summer and Jackfruit The Label to provide plus size clothing for women in Australia. 

Hope & Harvest showcase a delightful range of tops, dresses and blouses - or Chasing Springtime for the ultimate work wardrobe that's made from natural fibres. Embrace your curves and check out our curvey clothing range today!

Please note that a variety of our other collections, such as dresses and pants, stock brands with more inclusive size runs. Please be sure to check out the other collections to find a variety of sizes available.

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It's our belief that everyone should have access to fashion that aligns with their values - irrespective of your size. Although growing, our plus size clothing range features some of Australia's most ethical brands.

Available in sizes 12-26, discover a variety of tops, dresses, pants and more in inclusive size runs.

Between each of the brands curve clothing brands, you'll find a mix between everyday basics and colourful prints. It's often tough to find plus size brands that also align with our values, so please reach out if we are missing any of your favourite brands.

Like all aspects of the fast fashion industry, curve clothes made ethically can be more expensive than their fast fashion counterparts. This is because these brands don't just choose the cheapest option - instead they audit their manufacturers for an ethical choice.

This can present challenges for plus size brands who want to deliver an affordable price, but they need to increase the prices to make it profitable. With limited manufacturers for larger sizes, it can be a real struggle curve fashion brands to make their products both ethically and affordably.

It's important that we all wear our values and this shouldn't change if you're a size 8 or size 18. Wearing something made ethically or from organic materials has a special way of making you feel good about yourself and your impact on the world.

Also, it's a big frustration for women to find curve clothing that suits their figure. Brands may have their size, but the cut doesn't suit their body shape. The more we grow and support inclusive sizing, the more that sector will continue to grow and offer even more plus size options.

We don't have any plus size clothing for men, but please email with any suggestions!

We have both imported and Australian made plus size fashion available for you.

Isle Of Summer is a terrific option for colourful and enthusiastic prints. The Cara Midi Dress is a popular choice if you're looking for something new!

We also have Chasing Springtime for a beautiful range of blouses, dresses and pants made with natural fibres. Every products has it's own size chart to help you find the perfect fit for your figure.

Searching for more Australian made clothing? Shop our full range today!

What sizes are plus sized clothing?

Plus size clothing, often referred to as inclusive clothing or curve clothing, typically caters to sizes that are 18 and over. Most fashion brands will have a size run from approximately 6-16 and many women who don’t fall between these sizes are excluded from large parts of the fashion industry.

To combat this, plus size clothes brands like Hope & Harvest are completely dedicated to providing curve clothing in Australia. For example, their sizes start at XS and go to XXL. However, an XS in their range is a women’s 12/14 and an XXL is a women’s 26/28. 

Sizing inclusivity is imperative because fashion should be every body - regardless of what size you are.

What is it like buying curve sized clothing in Australia? 

Shopping for curve sized clothing in Australia can be a challenge for a lot of women because there are very limited options - especially in stores. As mentioned, most brands and retailers cater towards sizes 6-16 and many women are excluded as a result.

Even then, our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Two women may both be a size 22, but need a different cut in certain areas. This is where dedicated brands like Chasing Springtime solve a lot of plus size clothing issues. They provide detailed size guides and information for each product to help you find the perfect fit for your body. 

We’ve all been shopping and bought our usual size, only to later realise that the cut or fit of that brand is very different from other brands in the same size. These challenges are also faced by plus size clothes shoppers in Australia. Overall, the accessibility curve clothing brands and stores is improving, but we still have a long way to go to ensure adequate inclusivity.

Things to consider when buying plus size clothing that is also made sustainably

As mentioned, the plus size clothing industry is emerging and there are some challenges with accessibility to brands and retailers. Another challenge in the space is finding brands with inclusive size ranges that are also sustainable and ethical. We know this because we’ve tried to grow our curves fashion offering, but repeatedly fall short as a brand may offer up to size 26, but they don’t align with our sustainability or ethical core values.

It’s a niche within a niche! Sustainable fashion is a subsection of the fashion industry, and so is plus size clothing. As they both grow, we can expect that there will be plenty of new sustainable and inclusive fashion brands popping up!

But we have plenty of great options from Australia’s finest brands like Hope & Harvest, Isle of Summer, Chasing Springtime. Discover a wide variety of dresses, tops, pants and a whole lot more!