Striding Forward Podcast

We interview business leaders on the front line committed to creating lasting social change in their niches. With a focus on sustainability and fashion, we delve deep into key issues like carbon neutrality, minimalist wardrobes and even how to balance motherhood whilst running a business.

Hosted by Jordan - founder of Stride - the show prides itself on a 'fireside style chat' where Jordan helps to unpack a key theme that the guest is an expert in. The insights are highly practical and we add key resources to the show notes so that you can research further! 

Striding Forward is available on all major platforms, but here are links to the main platforms:
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Why Listen?

  • Knowledge Is Power. We interview brand owners, thought leaders, operators and everyone in between who's committed to tackling fast fashion + climate change. Learn more about their journeys and get some invaluable advice.
  • Variety. We do our best to interview a plethora of different leaders to help bring you a more rounded insight. Hear from experts that you may have never heard of... yet need to hear ASAP!
  • Passion. It's infectious and our guests have plenty of it! Get inspired to live your values from people who are already practicing what they preach.

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