4 Easy And Useful Tips To 
Shop Sustainably in 2021

Thrifting and reworking old clothes have become the norm for many individuals. Fashion influencers even share how they can score a chic look while using thrifted clothes. Wearing affordable, used, or thrifted clothes is slowly losing its stigma, especially since it can help the environment.

Not many realise the excessive waste in the fashion industry. Old and used clothes are thrown away en masse, resulting in tons and tons of waste. Producing new clothes comes with both labour and environmental problems.

Many workers aren't paid well for creating these clothes, while others use unethical practices to create the fabric. It remains a fact that one of the world’s leading forms of waste is textile overproduction.

Instead of adding waste to the environment, you can try more sustainable practices to reduce your environmental impact. So, do you want to take part in the movement toward sustainable shopping?

Here are a few tips for shopping sustainably!

1. Rework Or Repurpose Your Clothes

There's something ethically fashionable in repurposing your clothes instead of throwing them away. You can upcycle your old baggy shirt into a cute crop top. It will also cost a few dollars for the equipment instead of spending $20 to $50.

Get creative and start your DIY project! You can watch many YouTube videos to help you out. Some of the ideas you can do for an old shirt are a crop top, button-down shirt, a scarf or headband, pillowcase, and a tote bag.


2. Buy Thrifted Clothes

Visit your local thrift store and start shopping. There are a lot of good finds inside a thrift store for affordable prices. Plus, there are many unique pieces found in thrift stores, reducing your chance of wearing the same shirt with another person.

Aside from saving on money, you can also prevent excess clothing from being produced. Get in the habit of purchasing secondhand clothes and furniture. You may find unique pieces while saving the planet.  

3. Donate Or Consign Your Unwanted Clothing.

Do you have some clothes that you haven't worn for a long time? Or do you have some clothes that you have grown out of it or simply aren’t in love with anymore? Consider donating them instead of throwing them away.

The average American throws away around 82 pounds of textile waste per year. This is a lot of waste for the planet. What you can do is resell your unwanted clothing items. And if you’re looking to make a few bucks, consignment stores offer you money back for gently used clothing or designer items.

4. Rent A Dress

Do you have events that you need to attend but you don't have the right clothing? Before you visit the seamstress to get a new gown, try renting. There are many clothing rental companies that help eliminate waste. 

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Looking chic and fabulous doesn’t have to come at the cost of Mother Earth. You can always ethically shop for clothes. These are just some of the tips you can follow to reduce your carbon footprint. We also recommend shopping locally because it strengthens your local community and creates more jobs for people in your area.

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