The 6 Best Sustainable Fabrics Perfect
For Sustainable Clothing

There are a lot of misconceptions about the sustainable fashion industry and ethical clothing - mainly that material simply isn’t as durable. It’s nothing short of misleading though.

Aside from sustainable beauty being a catalyst in saving the environment by recycling materials, clothes under this category can be comfortable and long-lasting.

High quality and ethical fashion usually entails a sustainable fabric that has been designed and curated to provide comfort and show personality, just like any other choice of clothes. There’s no shortage of alternatives to non-sustainable clothing nowadays as everyone tries to negate the impact fast fashion has on the environment.

Here’s a list of some of the best fabrics that promote sustainability:

Organic Cotton

Ordinary cotton may feel quite nice, but it doesn’t compare to organic cotton. Aside from being made naturally, it excludes the harmful chemicals that usually make up regular cotton. It’s less irritating when worn, especially for people with really sensitive skin.

In conjunction with this, recycled cotton is equally, if not more sustainable. It doesn’t require a lot of resources to produce clothing with recycled cotton, resulting in less of an impact on the environment even when compared to organic cotton.

Dorsu is an amazing brand that uses remnant cotton from the Cambodian fashion industry.


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Organic Linen

Linen is known for being lightweight and durable, holding that distinguishable and characteristic wrinkle that many can notice on the big screens. These are also present in organic linen though, which is made from flax plant stems.

It’s a huge perk that flax plants are grown easily, and that little water is needed for the manufacturing process, making it a desirable process in a sustainable fashion. Organic linen isn’t just good for ethical clothing as it’s also used for curtains, tablecloths and many other things.

Check out Luna + Sun for a beautiful range of organic linen fashion.

Organic Hemp

Although hemp is more associated with ropes and sailing materials, it can look great for hats and other types of clothes. This might be because they’re environmentally friendly while protecting the wearer’s skin from any UV rays, which is a welcomed contrast.

There’s a thin line between organic hemp and regular hemp regarding the added chemicals though. Organic hemp should be made from hemp plants grown organically and spun into the fabric used for clothing.

Terra is the Queen of organic hemp, so be sure to check them out today!


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Recycled Polyester

Polyester is normally avoided because it’s a major pollutant to our planet, which is a shame as it is a very durable fibre. Luckily, recycled polyester provides a sustainable option while retaining the perks of the regular material. Less water is needed to produce clothes using recycled polyester compared to its regular fabric.

Team Timbuktu turn recycled polyester into sustainable activewear


Tencel has been a relatively new, but welcomed fabric to the sustainable clothing industry. This fabric is designed to be a biodegradable and non-toxic alternative to rayon. Tencel is made from wood pulp, meaning that it has a long lifespan, but albeit a more expensive material.

Check out Tasi Travels for Australia’s best range of Tencel clothing.

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Econyl is to nylon as Tencel was to rayon. Econyl is made from recycled nylon, such as fishing nets and carpet, and then spun into a material that is identical to virgin nylon. We have so many brands that showcase the beauty of Econyl like Active Apostle.


Knowing the most sustainable fabrics can give insight into what materials you should be looking for and purchasing. Supporting the ethical and sustainable clothing industry is supporting the fight to save the environment after all while in style.

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