Best Sustainable & Ethical Sleepwear Brands

Since COVID, the lines have blurred between what we wear during the day and what we wear at night. 

It's never been more important to invest in sustainable Australian sleepwear that's kind to people and our planet! With so many sleepwear brands to choose from, it can be hard knowing where to start when updating your wardrobe.

No brand is perfect, but we believe that these are the best eco-friendly sleepwear brands in Australia. Keep reading to discover more!

Why Is Ethical Sleepwear Important?

We spend about a  third of our life sleeping in our sleepwear - or at least we should be getting our 7-8 hours per night!

Ethical sleepwear wear means more than just a piece of fabric that you wear to bed. It's another part of your wardrobe that can align with your conscious values. We all love cozying up in our pyjamas before bed, but the materials used shouldn't come at the expense of our planet.

The sustainable sleepwear industry uses a variety of fabrics - such as organic cotton, bamboo lyocell, linen and hemp! We highly recommend avoiding pjs made from non-organic cotton and polyester as they will likely contain chemicals. You wouldn't consume harmful chemicals, so don't put them onto your skin either.

1. Ettitude

Based in Melbourne, Ettitude are pioneers in the Australian and global sleepwear industry. They are on a relentless mission to "create next-generation fabrics and products that reduce our impact on the planet".

Known as 'vegan silk', the brand has a patented technology for CleanBamboo™. This luxuriously soft fabric is made from 100% organic bamboo and promises to be the softest material that touches your skin.

We highly recommend Ettitude for those who love the feel of silk and silk-blend products, but who also want their sleepwear to be cruelty-free.

With sustainable pjs for both women & men, there are plenty of tops, pants, shorts and robes to choose from today!

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2. BJ's PJ's

BJ's PJ's specialises in creating flattering sleepwear for the everyday Australian woman. Using only organic cotton, it's the perfect choice for women who love organic sleepwear free from nasty pesticides & herbicides

Their entire sleepwear range is ethically made in Sydney and they even have maternity sleepwear options too! Pictured below is the best-selling Maternity Adele Short Sleeve Dress in both grey and charcoal. This piece comes with wire-free bust support and extra room for a larger bust.

Liking what you're hearing? Shop their full range of dresses, pants, shorts and cami tops now!

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bjs pjs

3. Findlay The Label

Based out of Adelaide, Findlay The Label is a luxury sleepwear label that showcases a collection of linen pyjamas and nighties that always have a sense of sophistication.

Each piece is designed to be effortlessly elegant and they almost look too good to sleep in! Using a beautiful mix of crisp linen and natural tones, Findlay The Label highlights a modern take on pyjamas that can be worn as sleepwear OR anywhere.

For ethical pyjamas that are bound to turn heads, check out their entire range of stunning shirts, seersuckers, tops and pants at Stride.

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Findlay The Label

Finishing Up

There are so many options to update your sleepwear wardrobe with ethical and sustainable products for women.

We also have a small men's sleepwear range from Ettitude and BJ's PJ's, so be sure to check out our male sleepwear range too!

If you have any questions about sleepwear, the materials used, or even sizing queries, then please email

Which sustainable sleepwear brand will you be shopping today?

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