News You Should Know
(January Edition)

News You Should Know | Stride | Ethical Fashion

Let's put 2020 behind us!

We've got some insightful articles to help level up your knowledge today!

We cover Invasion Day, fashion industry certifications, Greta Thunberg and much more today in our January 2021 edition of News You Should Know...

Knowledge is power!

1. Comprehensive Guide To 'Invasion Day'

If you don't understand why the current date for Australia Day is traumatic for Aboriginal people, then this article is a must-read.

It covers:
• The significance of January 26th
• Key stats
• Personal stories
• Common misconceptions
• Suggestions for a new date of celebration

The more one learns about the significance of this, the more likely they are to support the #changethedate movement.

Click here to learn more about the significance of Invasion Day.

2. Slow Fashion Industry Certifications & What They Mean 

Unfortunately, greenwashing is rife within the sustainable fashion industry, so it can be quite confusing for well-intentioned people to make the best choices.

Another challenge are confusing acronyms like GOTS, WRAP, ECA and much more... well this guide is your antidote!

This resource covers 8 of the most commonly seen certifications and concisely breaks down what they mean.

Jeans factory denim

Click here to learn more about ethical fashion certifications.

3. Greta Thunberg Hilariously Trolls Trump

Greta has a long memory... and Donald Trump learnt this the hard way!

We love this tweet from @femi_sorry, but be sure to read the article to see Greta's amazing tweet that really put Trump in his place.

Moral of the story - don't mess with Greta!

greta thunberg

Click here to learn more about Greta trolling Trump.

VIDEO: 12 Easy Zero Waste Home Hacks

It's the little things we do at home that can have the biggest impact on our environment. After all, if millions of people make small changes, then it will have a massive affect on our planet.

Here are 12 tips that we love!

Worth A Read - Wear No Evil by Greta Eagan

Greta answers the age old question "How do I do good whilst looking good?"

Spoilers: you sure can and she details how!

This 3-part book expertly breaks down the harsh facts, closet-cleansing exercises and resources on how you can make better and more informed choices (not just for fashion).

Click here to learn more about Wear No Evil!

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