The Best Sustainable Jeans For You

Jeans are the superheroes of our wardrobe. They're the perfect mix between fashion and function, as well as being a staple for many years to come. It's no wonder that the jeans market is worth up to $153 billion AUD

Although lucrative, the denim industry is far from sustainable. The denim industry relies heavily on cotton and most denim brands use non-organic cotton. Cotton is classified as a 'thirsty crop' because up to 7,000 litres of water is needed to grow enough cotton for one pair of jeans. Now that's a lot of H₂O!

Luckily for you, there are brands that use non-organic cotton and other sustainable methods to ensure that your denim leaves the smallest carbon footprint.

What Makes Sustainable Denim Special?

Sustainable denim is special because it allows you to match what you believe with what you buy. You can still rock your favourite outfits with the peace of mind knowing that your denim is kind to the planet.

Another benefit is that eco-friendly denim is made to last. These products are made in a considered and slow manner so that they last for many years. Alternatively, fast fashion brands and denim follow a planned obsolescence model - this is when the products are designed with a limited 'shelf life'. As a result, consumers have to periodically buy and replace the same item.

Not only does that model cost you a lot of money, it consumes a lot of our planet's finite resources, like water. There are better options and we think that you should check out our favourite ethical & sustainable jeans brands in Australia!

1. Noskin

Noskin might be young, but they're making a huge splash with denim lovers across Australia. Their classic style is inspired by the Japanese selvedge denim - but what's so special about it?

Japan has been producing denim since the 70s and it now has a global reputation for having the best craftspeople to weave selvedge denim. The specific way the fabric is woven helps to stop fraying and makes them super durable. Each pair is made from a blend of recycled 12.75 oz Kaihara Japanese selvedge denim with 36% recycled cotton.

Every piece is made with intent and consideration. No detail is overlooked. Their entire range is made for unisex fashion and can be worn by everyone! Check out Noskin's amazing range of sustainable denim, clothes, footwear and accessories today

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2. Outland Denim

Outland Denim has grown from humble beginnings since 2011. They've expanded from their Queensland Hinterland flagship store to now having stockists all around Australia. They're a market-leading denim brand that can count Megan Markle as a customer.

The brand takes a more premium denim approach with a mix of materials like organic cotton, recycled cotton, and lyocell. This natural approach means that no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used. As a result, this helps to protect soil quality, reduce water pollution and not harm the local ecosystems for the farmers.

 The brand is a social enterprise that offers employment, training and support to women who have fallen victim to trafficking in Cambodia. Similar to Dorsu, they are invested in the local Cambodian community and committed to helping those exploited to rebuild their lives. Ethical jeans never looked sogood!

Nobody Denim truly is feel-good denim for the makers and our planet.

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outland denim

3. Nobody Denim

Since 1999, Nobody Denim has been turning heads with luxurious denim made with love in Melbourne. Every piece is carefully constructed to maximise every material and minimise any wastage. The company has a net zero by 2050 pledge and has cut it's water usage by over 50% since 2017.

It's Melbourne factory, where most garments are made, is proudly Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certified. This means that ECA have audited the factory and can verify that the workers' rights, safety and payment is all ethical. Such an accreditation is the gold standard in Australia and it can be likened to Fair Trade certifications.

Nobody Denim has been Australian fashionistas like Nadia Fairfax, Mimi Elashiry and Sarah Ellen - will you be next? Shop their range of sustainable jeans/denim, as well as a variety of tops, dresses, skirts and other aparel.

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Nobody Denim

Finishing Up

You don't need to look overseas for ethical jeans brands - we have denim innovators in Australia bringing you creative, yet ageless styles.

Buying jeans online can be tough to get perfect the first time, so make sure that you choose a brand or store with a flexible returns/exchange... and don't forget that they will stretch a bit!

Which brand will you be shopping today?

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