Vegan Leather Wallet In Tan - AirTag, RFID Blocking, PETA Approved

About La Enviro

LA ENVIRO is a fashion brand dedicated to maintaining the balance in nature while creating stunning and lasting designs with minimal harm to the environment. With a vision for an animal cruelty-free world, LA ENVIRO utilizes exquisite vegan leather and primarily uses recycled plastic bottles for their lining material.

The brand's artisans meticulously handcraft each watch and piece, resulting in beautifully finished products and a reduced carbon footprint. Leather is consciously avoided, as LA ENVIRO prioritizes animal welfare and the well-being of the planet. Their close-knit team designs collections based on sketches, utilizing their signature vegan leathers and eco-friendly recycled plastic bottle linings. In production, vegan leather, scientifically known as PU (polyurethane), is the sole material used. Furthermore, the brand's team is continually exploring sustainable materials for future production, underscoring their commitment to responsible fashion.

LA ENVIRO also ensures that most of their linings are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, contributing to a circular economy. By combining their dedication to the environment, the exclusion of animal-derived materials, and ongoing search for sustainable alternatives, LA ENVIRO is at the forefront of ethical and environmentally conscious fashion.


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