The Ultimate Fashion Guide For
Ethical & Sustainable Activewear

Did you know that the average person takes approximately 7,500 steps per day?

Researchers also found that the figure can be doubled if one is wearing sustainable activewear in Australia... ok well, maybe the second stat is made up!

We all know about the plethora of physical & mental health benefits of staying fit, but it's equally important that our exercise clothing aligns with our values.

Whether that be eco friendly activewear, or leggings that are made ethically, these are things we should always consider when looking to update our wardrobe.

After all, you can look good and feel even better knowing that your activewear is sweatshop free (whilst you sweat bullets in them).

The world of sustainable and ethical activewear in Australia can be confusing, so we've created a guide to help you navigate this niche with confidence!

What We'll Cover


Organic Cotton

How To Make Sure It's Ethically Made
Our Top 4 Brand Recommendations


When talking about sustainable activewear, it's hard to go past ECONYL.

Not only is it commonly used for activewear, but it's also very popular for eco-friendly swimwear!

The easiest way to explain ECONYL is that it turns synthetic waste into a fibre that has identical properties to virgin nylon.

Some of the most common recycled fibres are:
• Carpets
• Discarded fishing nets, and
• Other rigid textiles

The process for regenerating this is quite complex, but it only takes six steps and it uses a lot less water compared to nylon.

It's amazing to think how old fishing nets can become a beautiful fabric with the performance that's perfect for activewear!

A lot of sustainable activewear brands have embraced ECONYL as their main fibre and it continues to grow every day - Team Timbuktu & Active Apostle are two amazing brands doing just that.

If you love the thoughts of recycled activewear, then be sure to keep your eye out for ECONYL!

Team Timbuktu | ECONYL | Sustainable Activewear

Team Timbuktu

2. Organic Cotton Activewear

Organic cotton uses up to 91% less water than traditional cotton, as well as producing a lot less greenhouse gas emissions.

We could list a million stats about why organic cotton is a lot more sustainable, but with the scarcity of our water supplies, this one really hit home for us.

But what do we actually mean when we say 'organic cotton'?

This is when the cotton is naturally grown without the use of ANY fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and any other transgenic technology. Long story short, nothing is used to genetically modify the cotton.

Not only are these toxins harmful to our environment, but they are also toxic for the farmers growing the crops and the local communities. By shopping organic women's activewear, it's a win for both our planet and the people growing it.

Be sure to look out certification like GOTS to verify that the cotton used is organic.

One of our favourite brands using organic cotton for their activewear is Pinky & Kamal - their yoga wear is made for women who love the 'yogie' look!

Pinky & Kamal

But Also Make Sure Your Activewear Is Ethically Made

As much as we love sportswear that's kind to the environment, it's equally important that we consider the people making them.

After all, we all deserve to get paid fairly for our hard work.

Be sure to ask brands about:
• Where it's made?
• If they've visited the factory?
• Do they have any audits or certifications?
• And anything else you feel is relevant about their supply chain

Click here for free templates to ask these questions.

It's up to consumers like you to keep brands accountable and grow ethical activewear in Australia!

Recommended Brands For Ethical & Sustainable Activewear

Here at Stride, we have a plethora of brands and options for those looking for conscious activewear.

And we aren't just talking about women, we have a broad range of men's sustainable activewear too!

Here are our top 4 suggestions:
Pinky & Kamal - organic cotton activewear for women
Active Apostle - ECONYL activewear for men and women
Treball Active - ethical activewear for women
Team Timbuktu - sustainable women's activewear made from ECONYL

Be sure to click on their names to shop the brands now.

Sustainable Activewear Australia

Click here to shop sustainable activewear now


Ethical and sustainable activewear can take many forms, but we hope this guide empowered you with knowledge in your journey.

Now you'll have a better idea what to look for when audits brands with eco-friendly activewear, as well as what to ask to ensure that it's also made fairly.

The four labels mentioned above are just a few of sustainable activewear brands in Australia, many of which we have on Stride.

And if you have any questions about anything we've said, please feel free to ask ASAP.

You can learn more via our blog detailing the best activewear brands in Australia.

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