7 Ways To Be More Green

7 Ways To Be More Green - Stride

7 Ways To Be More Green

- Article by Fiona Wood

Trends come and go, but some persevere and turn into a completely new lifestyle supported by many people. 


Sustainability is one of them. 


It’s not a fashion trend that will disappear in a year — it’s a mindset that involves a more mindful way of living and a persistent dedication to our Mother Earth’s wellbeing as well as our own. 


Sure, this definition might seem complicated, but improving your sustainability is much easier than it sounds. Here are a few ways we can all be greener. 


Fast fashion can have a horrible effect on the environment, so make sure to say a firm ‘no’ to brands that practice this sort of unsustainable fashion. 


Instead, seek out fashion that’s sustainable, locally-made and produced using ethical means. Most of all, concentrate on timeless pieces you can wear for years without looking outdated. 


When you choose quality over quantity, you will keep your wallet full and our landfills empty.


It’s normal to have some clothing you no longer wear, but there are smarter ways to get rid of it than dumping it in the trash. 


Donation is always a great step that will make you and someone less fortunate very happy. Additionally, if you lack cash, you can organize a garage sale or visit a second-hand store than buys clothing. 


These moves will extend the lifespan of your clothes and reduce pollution and waste.  


Just like your closet, your bathroom should also be filled with products that are sustainable and ethical. 


It’s best to concentrate on products that are locally-made, vegan and cruelty-free. If you dig a little deeper at your beauty store or online, you can even find natural hair wax products made with certified organic ingredients that will still provide your hair structure and extra hold. There’s no need to sacrifice your beauty if you choose your products wisely. 


Another thing you can do is simplifying your beauty routine. Having fewer products is always more sustainable than having a full shelf of bottles, tubes and containers. 


One of the best things you can do for the environment and pollution is going vegan. 


However, that’s not the only way you can help preserve nature. For instance, if you choose local produce, you reduce the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of goods. 


Additionally, farmer’s markets and similar spots that sell local and seasonal produce waste less packaging, produce organic foods without pesticides, create stronger economies and reduce the need for import and export.  


Just because your old chest once used for holding your or your kid’s toys doesn’t have a purpose anymore, it doesn’t mean you can just throw it away. 


Just give it a little makeover and it can turn into a charming coffee table with hidden storage. Or if you add some padding to the lid, you can have a practical bedroom or entrance bench. 


Repurposing old items will not only give them a new life and keep them away from landfills, but it will also prevent you from buying new things and adding to pollution and deforestation.  


Good eco-friendly cleaners will keep your house and outdoor spaces clean without any pollution to your environment and threats to your and your family’s health. 


You can buy eco-conscious cleaners in many stores or you can make your own using simple ingredients present in every home. Most store-bought cleaners are packed with toxins and chemicals and put into plastic bottles, but you can make your own with natural ingredients like water, vinegar, lemon and baking soda and pack them into reusable glass bottles. 


If you have family members suffering from allergies, asthma or migraines, they will be especially grateful that you’re using fragrance- and chemical-free cleaners.  


Sometimes, little changes make big impressions, so make sure to save energy by unplugging your devices when they are not in use and rely on natural light whenever you can (otherwise, use LEDs instead of traditional light bulbs). 


You can also install low-flow fixtures and reduce your shower time. Letting your clothing air dry is also a great idea that can make a big change down the line.You don’t have to make any radical changes and give up all modern comforts in order to improve your sustainability. 


It’s definitely not possible to be completely carbon-neutral from the start (sustainability is a marathon, not a race) but what’s important is that you’re being mindful, making smart decision and learning how to be a better and more caring human with a minimal negative impact over time.  

There are many others ways to embrace sustainability, but we thought these 7 tips were ones that we can all adopt over time


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