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Who To Follow To Stay In The Know

Knowledge is power! 💪


And you'll definitely get a lot of knowledge with daily doses of news, insights and inspiration from our favourite accounts to follow.


We've got influencers, news outlets and must follow authors to help you stay informed.


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Our 2 favourite news outlets are Eco Warrior Princess and Ethical Made Easy.


Eco Warrior Princess are a full stack media company bringing you the latest sustainability news, as well covering the key aspects of ethical fashion and politics.


Ethical Made Easy go a bit narrower and strictly focus on bringing you insights pertaining to ethical brands, resources and overall ethical fashion news.


Check out EWP's website by clicking here, or EME's by clicking here.

EWP graphic highlighting our overconsumption


We've all seen influencers selling anything and everything to make money, but these three use their influence to make the world a better place!


Ethically Kate is a superstar Kiwi blogger preaching all things ethical fashion and sustainability.


Ironic Minimalist is the renowned 'Slow Fashion Stylist' and is a thought leader in the slow fashion movement.


Be Kind Coco is all about educating you on conscious living with her handy guides and videos.


Each have their own websites which you can visit below:

• Ethically Kate

Ironic Minimalist

Be Kind Coco

Ethically Kate


There are a plethora of brilliant authors we could feature here, but our 3 favourites are Safia Minney, Elizabeth L. Cline and Clare Press.


Minney has been a pioneering voice in ethical fashion for decades throughout her work in the UK & Japan, and for the formation of People Tree... but she's also a very talented writer with Slave To Fashion a must-read!


is the author of Conscious Closet and is a staunch advocate for how we can 'look good whilst doing good'.


Last but not least, Press is the Sustainability Editor at Vogue Australia, but is a podcast aficionado and author of Wardrobe Crisis 


To visit their respective websites, please click below:

Safia Minney

Elizabeth L. Cline

Clare Press


Safia Minney (right)

Look, there are plenty more recommendations we could give, but then you'd be reading this post for hours and hours...


Did we miss any of your favourites?


Please let us know in the comments, or email us here

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